neptonic reef side pivot

  • Hi,

    I have question regarding the NEPTONIC REEF trigger ,it s a headache to locate the line release pivot pin ,usually i do the nearest one to trigger body but recently I have a gun 80mm width in belly and in trigger almost 48+ so I need to use the next hole ,my calculation seem it miss something ,release pin will stuck and can't load the shaft in ,attached pictures for both American trigger and euro trigger I have bought year ago and start to assemble it in,appreciate if ideas come on .don't want to buy jig:)

  • just need distance ,I tried 11 and I ll post picture after install

  • stick some masking tape on the trigger mechanism

    locate the line release slot

    trace or cut out the slot in the tape (exacto knife)

    also outline dorsal and ventral edges of the trigger mech profile

    then stick the tape to your stock

    You seem to be a pretty handy guy, you could use the tape to make your own jig out of a piece of angle aluminum.

    just make sure you take into account the thickness of the angle aluminum piece

    Hope this helps.


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