Mares Cyrano 1.1 HFT is finally here

  • The long awaited Mares Cyrano 1.1 HFT is finally here, available in 90, 100, 110 and 120cm! I was looking forward to Mares' next edition of the classic Cyrano. I didn't like the in between version Cyrano Evo with the orange theme, by many accounts it was plagued with problems. With the new Cyrano 1.1 HFT I think Mares outdid themselves. Back is the blue handle, but this time with a contoured bottom that really enhances the grip, A shapely hydro-formed barrel is beautifully styled, putting the spear close to the top of the barrel offering better aiming characteristics, and continues providing a great grip when holding the gun by the barrel. The completely redesigned stainless steel trigger and line release are simply put Robust! The whole gun gives the feeling of thoughtful design and durability.

    I've been a band gun user for 15 years. But my first speargun when I started spearfishing 17 years ago was the original Mares Cyrano. I've taken a lot of fish with it and some of my first and most memorable/fun spearfishing experiences are from using it. I'm taking the new Cyrano 1.1 HFT on my next spearfishing outing just because it's such a cool looking gun and takes me back to my spearfishing roots.

  • Yes there's the 13mm barrel version to use with 8mm shafts. But it doesn't have the styling of the 1.1 HFT. Rather a straight tube and regular handle. But it does incorporate the new stainless steel trigger and line release. I'm not a fan of 8mm shafts for pneumatic spearguns, as they tend to be front heavy in the first place.

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    The Cyrano 1.1 HFT is now available from Spearfishing Store…11-hft-pneumatic-speargun

    Interesting to see how the handle styling of the Cyrano 1.1 HFT is consistent with the Mares Viper Pro speargun.

  • I've been using the Cyrano Evo for 2 years now (since a wrist injury) and it has taken down several fish over 40 pounds. Plenty of power in a really small size with almost no recoil. Mine is a 100 though. For the "clear" waters from the Pacific side of Panama is the best you can use.

    Dan: try to get stainless steel sliders for your customers as an upgrade. The standard plastic one is good for mediterranean fish, if you get me... I've found that the best one is the one Beuchat uses for it's rollerguns.

    Second choice is the one used with riffe Ice pick slip tip, but the tolerance is too close and you must "eat" a little bit of it inside with a dremmel.

    Third choice would be an italian stainless steel slider as the ones made by Devotosub, but the other two are better because they somehow protect the shooting line from cuts.

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  • This looks like the round tank version of the "Cyrano Evo" and bar the cylindrical tank and the larger plastic nose cone/front bulkhead it should be virtually identical in the parts layout to the HF model.

  • The "Cyrano HFT" should be the same as the above, but with the metal trigger and line release lever and possibly a different muzzle. The part numbers may not be the same in terms of the codes for each part, however we don't know what they are as Mares don't show them here. When the original "Cyrano" was released it was years before the parts lists became available as they were never in the owner's handbook and only went out to Mares dealers and repair centres.

    By comparing the codes you can tell if say a rear grip handle has had a change that may not be obvious at first glance. Although the rear handle of the "Cyrano Evo" may look the same as the later version with the metal trigger, it may be a different part as Edosub advise that the metal trigger and line release lever are not able to be retrofitted to the "Cyrano Evo".

  • I bought myself the "Cyrano 1.3" with the cylindrical tank, but have had to order the ergonomic butt as it came with the standard blue butt. The gun is certainly an improvement on the "Evo" which for some turned out to be a "Devo" when they busted their line release levers by letting the piston go too early when the trigger was still blocking the swing of the line release arm.

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