• Hello All.

    Im planning on spearfishing next season using a kayak, and my idea was to use the kayak as a tool to string some flashers to it and spear fish around it. my question is, how deep should i deploy my flashers? will more depth harm its shinyness? Will it work being to close to the kayak?



  • Hello, Kyle.

    Wahoo are my target almost every time I go spearfishing. I shoot almost all of them at depths of 10 meters or less, and they often come in just below the surface. Hanging flashers work well. Mine has 6 separate flashers tied about 1 to 1 1/2 meters apart, with the bottom one set at a depth of 10 meters and the top one at about 4 meters. Something that imitates a squid works very well as the bottom lure/flasher.

    Tying it to the kayak should work, but if the kayak seem to be spooking the fish, just try attaching the buoy to the kayak with a length of rope so there is a distance between the kayak and the flasher.

    I also highly recommend you make a throw flasher (several, actually, because they tend to get lost easily). I have often seen it where the wahoo show no interest in a hanging flasher, but will come right in to a throw flasher. Throw it several meters away from you and watch as it sinks. If nothing comes to it, dive down and retrieve it at about 10 meters and pause and look around for a few seconds after retrieving it before going to the surface. The wahoo will often be circling around you just out of visibility range, and they will sometimes come in for a look at a suspended diver.

    Good luck!

  • That helped a lot Wayno thanks for the tips i apreciate it :)

  • How do you control the rate of decent of the flasher?

    I use a flasher made for salmon fishing that takes about 90 seconds to descend to 10 meters. Unfortunately, the manufacturer of those went out of business, so I cannot provide a link.

    A lot of people just use CDs, which are cheap and work pretty well, but you will lose quite a few because they descend very quickly sometimes.

    A friend of mine makes his own out of lightweight plastic pipe coated with reflective tape. They descend slowly and cost very little. The pipe is about 8 inches long and a little over 1 inch in diameter.

    One good way to control the descent is to attach a piece of band rubber to whatever you use, which also acts as a handle for throwing and tucking it into your weight belt while swimming. Just alter the length of rubber to get the desired descent rate. I've had a lot of success with this design sold by Neptonics, which I think are manufactured by Palapas Ventana in Mexico: https://neptonics.com/product/spearfishing-throw-flashers/

  • You can hang the flasher from a two blade propeller, as it falls the propeller slows it down, sort of like an underwater parachute. A flat strip of metal twisted to form the blades with a hole in the middle for the depending line to the flasher material. The idea comes from seeds that fall that way with little wings that spin them as they drift through the air.

    With judicious cutting you could probably cut a CD and twist some blades into it and have a weight on the cord to pull it down.

  • an experience spearo of the indian ocean has been using for years a waterproof vibrator and told me it 's working great with pelagic fish... 8)

    Does it work for male fish as well?:P

    Cheers, Don

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  • Someone told me he uses a vibrator INSIDE A CONDOM (to make it waterproof) to atract fish.

    Interesting to see the faces of the people when you're washing your gear at the dock...

    Marco Melis

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  • These foldable drone propellers are cheap and have possibilities if you also cover the blades with reflective materials.


    I ordered some of those drone propellers and they arrived today. However it turns out that they are tiny things that are very thin in cross-section and I don't see them as being very durable. With the blades folded they easily fit inside the palm of your hand and are half the size that I thought that they would be. There are probably larger ones available, I just didn't think to check the size before ordering.

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