Hello everyone, from Happy Spearo

  • Hi all,

    Happy Spearo from Virginia! :) Having a blast learning to spearfish, free dive and scuba dive! I am retiring soon, so I started a Youtube channel as a hobby. My wife and I are going to be moving back to my home state of Florida and we're looking for the best town to run out of on the Gulf side so we can spearfish and rod/reel fish. Looking from Crystal River down to the 10000 Islands. We liked Port Charlotte but the run down the harbor to the Gulf is quite a ways but there are some wrecks there. Crystal River seems like a good close run to the Gulf but not sure about what is around to dive on or what fish hang out there. We really want to be close to blue water. Any suggestions would be great!! Going to be taking a free diving class soon, can't wait. We have a Proline 22 WAC with a new Mercury 225 to adventure on. I haven't had time to make videos do to being very busy at work. We love being on the water! Also, if anyone could recommend a fun 8) spearfishing club to join down in Florida I'd appreciate it. Looking forward to getting to know everyone and thanks in advance for all the spearfishing support! :hangloose:

  • Thanks Dan. We looked for homes on the water with close access to the ocean but couldn't find one cheap enough. We want the boat on a lift so we can drop and go! Fort Pierce looked sweet. We looked at Jupiter and Titusville to. Your side is definitely quick to the blue deep water. I thought about docking the boat in a marina but my wife still wants the beach feel not a subdivision. We'll see, still looking.

  • I don't know about the other side, but here I think "on the water" is overrated. Unless you're right by one of the inlets, the boat ride to open water takes too long, gotta go slow and not make wake in all the little waterways, even most of the intracoastal. Might as well trailer the boat to a marina, which gives you access to anywhere along the coast. Though there are some condos/apartment buildings with docks that are pretty close to the inlet.

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