Spearfishing knife by Speardiver

  • For years I'm carrying the knife on forearm, on the exterior. I'm a lefty, so I have on the exterior of my right forearm, handle towards the hand, point towards the elbow. If you are concerned about access with both hands, add a 2nd knife on your left arm.
    So far it worked well:
    you can reach it even if you bear hug a fish, and a hand is through the gills. You can see when you put it back. Not in the way when loading a gun. Less chances to tangle, and easy to untangle.

    I used to have the knife on my calf, it was prone to tangles (float line, fishing line etc) and I didn't like the small holes in my suit.


  • Lost my trusty old Riffe out of the sheath a couple weeks ago.

    Just ordered the Scrambler. Looks like a great little kill knife for the price!!

    Thanks Dan.

  • Regarding chest carry, you can get some nylon webbing straps and fashion a harness (shoulder straps going to a single torso strap that would be buckled around the torso similar to a backpack) and attach the sheath to one of the shoulder straps. You might need stays between the shoulder straps about halfway up as well. This would allow you to experiment with chest carry without damaging a wetsuit. The harness could be sewn or riveted together.


  • Dan, on the Skene knife is the notch below the smooth blade a wire cutter? if so, that is a great feature and I will be getting this knife ASAP...those cutters can get through 7x7 SS cable in a pinch.

    i like to spear fish

  • bien pensado El cuchillo Skene
    well thought Skene Knife


    Un Hombre tiene que creer en algo.......
    Creo que me iré de pesca!!!

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