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    Submissions are based on an honor system, at least until it get's really ridculous :) Feel free to make your submission and displace any of the current record holders or put a new species on the board. Only members of the forum can participate. When the new records will be added the old ones will remain on this thread but will be replaced in the list in this post.

    Great Barracuda
    Date - ?
    Port St. Lucie

    Black grouper
    March 28/2008


    Updated 8.6.2011

    Abalone - spearstuff 9.25"
    African Pompano - Roberto Reyes & Gamble 36lb
    Albacore – virgili ?lb
    Amberjack - red tide 97lb
    Barracuda Great - Emil 51lb[/COLOR]
    Black Drum – red tide 35lb
    Black Spot Tusk Fish - cww 10lb
    Cabezon – spearstuff 7.8lb
    Calico bass - bluesquids 8.95lb
    Carp - Ryddragyn 23.5lb
    Catfish Blue - imthbdmn 45lb
    Catfish Flathead - imthbdmn 35lb
    Chub (Australia) - red tide 27lb
    Cobia - Rolo 50lb
    Cuttlefish - cww 14lb
    Dolphin - griswold 54lb
    Flounder Summer - Greekdiver 11lb 11oz
    Giant Hawkfish (Cirrhitus rivulatus) – Spearstuff 5.5lb
    Giant Trevally - Nunodias 72lb
    Golden travally - Slingador 25lb
    Grouper Black - cmfish 52lb gutted
    Grouper Cabrilla – greekdiver 26lb
    Grouper Gag – Rumblefish 28lb
    Grouper Garropa - Monster Slayer 40lb
    Grouper Gulf – garret 76lb
    Grouper Leopard (Mycteroperca rosacea)- ddonnel 22.3lb
    Grouper Nassau - Jareyberrysplash 35lb
    Grouper Tiger (Mycteroperca tigris) - Rolo 14lb
    Grouper Yellowfin - Roberto Reyes 31lb
    Grunt Burrito – ddonnel 5lb
    Halibut – Phil Herranen 30lb
    Hogfish - red tide 19.6lb
    Jack Black - Roberto Reyes 23.3lb
    Jack Cravalle - John Hanson 31lb
    Rockfish Black & Yellow– Spearstuff 9oz
    Rockfish Kelp– Spearstuff 18oz
    Kingfish - Nunodias 73lb
    Lion Fish - Roberto Reyes 3/4lb
    Lobster Spiny - Gerald 14lb 9oz
    Lobster Spiny California - spearstuff 8lb
    Lookdown – Rolo 2lb
    Mackerel Cero - Roberto Reyes 15lb
    Mackerel King - Marco 64lb
    Mackerel Shark - red tide 26lb
    Mackerel Spotted - red tide 14lb
    Margate Black - khalel 10lb
    Marlin Black - Roberto Reyes 296lb
    Marlin Striped - Red Tide 99.78lb
    Ocean Whitefish - spearstuff 15oz
    Opaleye - spearstuff 4.5lb
    Pacific Tiger - Roberto Reyes 4lb
    Parrot Fish - Roberto Reyes 21.5lb
    Permit - Rumblefish 42lb
    Rock Hind - Pantoja 2.5lb
    Rooster fish – nyspear 50lb
    Sailfish - Roberto Reyes 109lb
    Sand Bass - Ryddragyn 6.5lb
    Sargo - spearstuff 3.3lb
    Sculpin - spearstuff 1.5lb 13.5"
    Sheepshead – bamaspearo 7.1lb
    Sheephead California - wobbegong 31lb
    Snapper Cubera - red tide 96lb
    Snapper Cubera (Pacific) - Don Paul 60lb
    Snapper Dog - Roberto Reyes 19.14lb
    Snapper Mahogany – japsw ?lb
    Snapper Mutton - greekdiver 19lb
    Snapper Mangrove - Gamble 15.6lb
    Snapper Pargo Barred (Hoplopagrus guentheri)- Spearstuff 8lb
    Snapper red - griswold 22lb
    Snapper red (Pacific) - Roberto Reyes 24lb
    Snapper Schoolmaster – Rolo 7lb
    Snapper Yellowtail - Roberto Reyes 6lb
    Snook - Roberto Reyes 28lb
    Striped Bass – JimCuda 42lb
    Striped Bass Freshwater – Ryddragyn 12lb
    Tautog - Greekdiver 15.5lb
    Triggerfish Finescale (Balistes polylepis) - Spearstuff 4.5lb
    Triggerfish Ocean - Roberto Reyes 16lb
    Tuna Blackfin - red tide 26.5lb
    Tuna Yellowfin - Roberto Reyes 276lb
    Yellow Jack - Pantoja 19lb
    Yellowtail - Don Paul 48.5lb
    Wahoo - Roberto Reyes 89l
    White Sea Bass - spearstuff 57lb

  • What's this ?? deal? :nono: :D

    I know this won't last very long as it should be easy to beat.

    Guanabo, Cuba

    As you can see I'm pretty happy in the pic. That was my first big fish.

    March 2007
    Ft. Lauderdale

  • Nice fish Marco and you're the leader with the dog snapper, not likely to be dethroned I might add, eres un assesino. But your blacks are not bigger (even combined weight :)) than Pantoja's at 49lb so he's still the record holder.

  • Nice fish Marco and you're the leader with the dog snapper, not likely to be dethroned I might add, eres un assesino. But your blacks are not bigger (even combined weight :)) than Pantoja's at 49lb so he's still the record holder.

    Tengo uno localizado que cae en cualquier momento. Está en una zona entre 80 y 120 pies. Cuando lo vea entre 80 y 90 se viene pá casa. It should weight around 60 pounds. It came from the bottom after a 12 lbs pargo I shot and I thought it was a fat shark until I realized was a huge Black gouper. Apparently he is the "Mambo king" of the area, but some day I'll get him! ;)

    Pantoja TIEMBLA! :D

    Marco Melis

    A bad day fishing is ALWAYS better than a good day at work.

  • That will be a hell of a story. I told Pantoja the other day that I don't think he'll ever get a bigger one. Although a year ago he said he saw a 100 pounder at a certain rock pile. We haven't seen anything big there since though.

  • Nice pics. There are lobster on the rigs?

    Here are the standings so far.

    Amberjack - Griswold 96lb
    Barracuda Great - Emil 51lb
    Cobia - pargo 42lb
    Grouper Black - Pantoja 49lb
    Hogfish - seaweed 9.5lb
    Kingfish - Emil 52lb
    Lobster Spiny - Pargo 4lb
    Snapper Dog - Marco 18lb
    Snapper red - griswold 22lb
    Yellow Jack - seaweed 15lb

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