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  • I concur with the notion that a rashguard with that pattern would be sweet. The vid is for ilustration purposes Juddah, the bottom around here looks exactly as that cammo pattern, with the occasional red weed and everything. Groupers do not look very different then this pattern. Groupers are not invisible though, but they´re "natural" cammo pattern certainly brakes them up, so their prey do not fully realize what´s going on until is way too late. I had seen how curious fish head my way wearing camo, I think is a superior fish attractant IMO, cause predators get confused and want to figure out "what that sexy looking thing is doing down there" :D

    Advertise this as B.B.C : Baja´s Bottom Cammo.

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  • I like it a lot....those colors would be great for Reef hunting here in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean the colors blend really well with are Bottom Structures,,Rocks,sand and seagrass. :thumbsup2:

    If take a look at the background in my avatar...sand,,seagrass ect...same colors!!!!

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  • The vid is just for ilustration purposes Hank, and it´s not mine, but I assure you that I have a majority of stone shots with my mexican made speargun. The best there is seriously, I sold all my guns and is the one that I use from now on. But that´s another story.

    These are the guns, they make a wong perform like a toy in comparison. Proudly Mexican made.

    Spearfishing Grouper By Memo´s Spearguns - YouTube

    I'm a Speardiver, not a freediver

  • I like it as well. Would definitely like to have one. I like the tan in it actually. Most of the greens on the current suits seem to get too dark when wet.

    Dan, on the subject of new wetsuits ideas, did anything ever come of the 1.5mm suits? Still looking to get one from you. I think this would be an awesome pattern to have one in:D

  • John, the 1.5mm suits (1mm neoprene + 2 x .25mm Lycra) will be available in this camo this coming spring, if all goes well. Something to note is that the interior Lycra used for these 1.5mm will be extremely stretchy (a necessity in a double lined suit however thin) so they will be more comfortable than the prototype I sent you. I'm happy to see that some of the most experienced divers posting in this thread, yourself included, like this camo as much as I do.

  • Looking forward to the 1.5mm suit:toast:

    By the way, the Speardiver blades in the pockets I sent you worked out great. VERY happy with them!

    Hopefully this new pattern will be available soon. I would really like it in the 1.5mm , as that is the suit I use most often in the GOM. It's just too warm to use anything thicker for most of the year or at least the times when we get most of our diving done. The pattern looks like it will blend in quite well with the rig legs and cross members. Helpful when lying aspetto waiting on those wary snappers and groupers; but enough of an interesting pattern to provoke the curiosity of the jacks and other pelagics in open water.

  • I just saw this last night because I have been unbelievably busy-but, this would be my choice of camo if added to the Speardiver line. I like the contrast/large open pattern camo, as apposed to a mono-tone camo suit. I guess my opinion is a carry over from land hunting where I choose camo with good contrast to break up the human profile, not one that has pictures of leaves on it.

    It kind of reminds me of Tiger Grouper Patterns.

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