Reefchiefs Ameri-euro reef build.

  • I don't know. I might take it one more mm but that would be all. I just want to retain the spear but have a relatively shallow track to minimize the thickness of the gun

    i like to spear fish

  • Judah and I put in some more work on the judamerieuro 130. We lowered the track and mech a bit and drilled the pins for the mech. I also cut a slot for the trigger. The pins ended up dead nuts where they should be and me and judah rejoiced by drinking a beer.


    So now that arguably the worst part is over. Its time to start the handle recesses.

    In the mean time Ive been thinking of how I want to address the issue with the line anchor, and also how I want to store the ballast on the gun. Since the double wrap hook is on the muzzle, I have no need for a protrusion. For that reason I wanted a line anchor that was integrated into the gun and so far im thinking about something like this.

    The idea is it drops into a slot done with a 5/8 router bit 2mm deep. Below where its cut out I will cut a smooth divot into the gun for looping the shooting line through. The 3 screws should attach the whole thing securely.

    Under the other side of the plate I intend to drill a series of circular slots for lead ingots and also maybe have a small compartment that will hold bb's for fine tuning.

    Let me know what you guys think of it. More importantly what issues am I missing? Thanks as always for all the input insight and interest.

  • Thanks trace. Hopefully my ideas are as good as I think lol but there's only one way to find out

    Got the paracord I plan to use on the gun as a lanyard. Going to double it up with a fancy weave of some kind for redundancy. It's black 550 with a reflective strip. Not sure what its going to do for visibility in reality, but it sure does look cool!

  • I might suggest something different than the paracord for a lanyard. My past experience of paracord (I have 12 hours of freefall) is that salt water and sunlight rapidly destroy paracord and the paracord will absorb water and sand. I might suggest a 14in length of 400lb mono with a tuna clip on one end and the other end looped and crimped through the bottom of your gun grip. That way you can:
    1. snap the tuna clip onto a float line or anchor line
    2. run it through a fish gill and back onto itself as a handy stringer (do not use any cord for this) till you can get back to the boat/yak/shore.
    3. run your hand through it as a lanyard when you need both hands and cannot shoulder your bands.
    4. Snap the lanyard onto the boat so as to prevent the gun from bouncing off the boat during travel
    hope this helps

    PS--beautiful build. Congratulations and I'm lovin that Speardiver mech :thumbsup2:

  • Thanks for the suggestions hau, I am a little concerned about the lifespan of the paracord and it holding water/sand. But im not really a fan of the mono thing. Ive used it before.

    On my other guns I use Dans super strong shooting line dyneema for the gun cord and it works great. I would do that if the paracord doesnt work out or last long. But my hope and intention with the paracord is to weave a little rope out of multiple paracord strands and create a nice thick landyard coming off of the gun for a few inches/feet (with multiple failure points at the same time) If I use dyneema its not going to be a thick and therefor offer a less substantial thing to grab (I find myself grabbing that part of the line to hold the gun below me often)

    Im gonna test some of this paracord in the pool and see how soggy it gets and stuff.

  • Reefchief---I hear ya bout not liking mono, I even quit using it for shooting line 15+ years ago. Thats the reason I have spools of it to use to make reel to belt mounts and gun lanyards. :laughing:
    Carry on sir

  • I think that a braid of dyneema could get thick enough. It would not be as substantial as the braided paracord but I think we could get it thick enough that it would be easily grabbed by feel alone

    i like to spear fish

  • Finally got back to the bash shop and we made a little more saw dust.

    We reshaped the handle base to accommodate my larger hands and the wider trigger. Then we routed out the recession for the handle plate and the rough shaping for the back end. The little bulge down behind the handle was marks idea and it is genius. It braces the stock perfectly against my arm

  • I was wondering about your build LunkerBuster, starting to take shape! :thumbsup2:

    A bad day at sea is better than a good day in the boatyard
    George Steele

  • Yeah George. It is a funny thing. We have done almost all the "hard" cuts and it still looks like a square log Hahaha

    I know there is a lot of hand shaping in the future for the front but the next session should have it looking a lot more like a gun

    i like to spear fish

  • Gentlemen, i hadnt gotten around to reading this whole thread. Impressive work mates!!! I got at least a dozen teak planks enough for a gun or more each from slow growth trees;) 4 fully cured blanks, 4 buechat marlin handles. I used a carpenter to rip a few of the worse board to practice my laminating. Anyway, if you guys ever need a shop gimp to sweep up in exchange for a gun building aprenticeship. Id be Soo down. I would even trade some teak for shop time. I just want to own at least one gun I had a hand in making;( anyway. Carry on! Keep up the goodwork

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