1.5mm spearfishing wetsuit by Speardiver

  • Speardiver 1.5mm wetsuits in our best selling Reef camo pattern are the professional diver's choice for warm water diving. A true 1.5mm suit (1mm neoprene + .25mm Hyperstretch Lycra interior + .25mm Lycra exterior) it is ideal for warm tropical waters, providing complete environmental protection without overheating. Two piece construction with a beaver tail and two buckle closure, the hooded jacket and high waist pants are manufactured in high quality neoprene chosen for the ideal balance between stretch/softness and resistance to permanent compression. This neoprene combined with an anatomical wetsuit shape makes a Speardiver suit so comfortable you'll forget you're wearing a wetsuit.

    The Speardiver 1.5mm wetsuit exterior is lined with durable high stretch Lycra, to maintain comfort and protect the neoprene and diver from cuts that can be caused by contact with bottom structure. Lycra also allows the printing of our unique Reef camouflage pattern. Rubberized GRID patches provide extra protection in high wear areas like knees and elbows, without affecting the stretchiness of the suit. A 5mm thick stitched on chest pad made of Supertex offers speargun loading comfort. Available from Spearfishing Store Speardiver Reef 1.5mm Spearfishing Wetsuit









  • Not at this time Sadot. The Reef camo pattern is the flagship of the Speardiver wetsuit line, so I'm focusing on offering long sizes and warm water suits in this camo. It's really an exceptional pattern that blends perfectly with many types of sea bottom.

    A local diver sent me this pic, it's either Fort Lauderdale or Hollywood.

    Speardiver Reef 1.5mm Wetsuit

  • Dan, I'm sure it depends on the person but what water temperatures would you say these are effective to?...... Ballpark.

  • Dan, I'm sure it depends on the person but what water temperatures would you say these are effective to?...... Ballpark.

    South of Gainsville. :D

    I use a 1.5 here for about 6 months a year. But I think the Speardiver design will be a little warmer than the one I've been wearing.. (I didn't say it Dan. :laughing:). And I do plan on getting one soon.

    78 to 82F or so for me.

  • shoot hank the springs I train in are a balmy 70F year round and diving without a suit now. Tho I must say the "boys" do head north while im there.

  • Not sure how long your training sessions are but I'm usually in the water a good 4-6 hours or more. Only breaks are putting a fish in the cooler or drinking water…..or moving to another spot but then I'm getting even colder with a wet wetsuit on while driving the boat.

  • Hank you the man. I am usually in the water for 3-4 hours but I exit the water usually twice during that time. I get out and dry off have a chew and warm up.

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