RIB speargun rack

  • Project: Speargun rack for my RIB

    My RIB is a great little boat for a diving platform. It is only 4.2m long with a centre console so there is very little deck space.
    By the time I add my esky the area was reduced further. Having all my gear on the deck was never the plan but funding held me back.
    A mate who is a fabricator wanted a new speargun and a deal was struck.

    I designed this the day I got the boat and it has taken me 6 months to achieve it.

    Features of this 316 stainless steel gun rack include:
    - gun holders for up to 8 guns (handy what I am testing and ballasting them).
    - fin holder for 3 pairs.
    - float & rope storage.
    - nav lights, deck light, squid light.
    - raised esky platform for storage under (mask, weight belts & prangers etc).
    - dive flag holder.
    - 2 rod holders.

    Fitting the plates, first bar and the esky supports:

    Fitting the second roll bar. This adds rigidity and strength.

    Fitting of the fin holders. A bungee with a clip is used to secure the fins so they shouldn't come out. First test run will be with some one elses fins and not my Penetrators. :P

    Testing the tuna deck. :tool:

    Spearguns in position

    Finished fabrication and ready to rig:

  • It came out really nice and it looks very "space saver". However, and I must say it, I don't feel comfortable with all those stainless hooks pointing out in a bouncing boat. I would've placed them in the middle or the back of the rack.

    But that's me. If you feel comfortable with it. I think you did a great job.

    Marco Melis

    A bad day fishing is ALWAYS better than a good day at work.

  • Looks efficient.

    Just one thought if you haven't covered it. I would wrap neoprene around the hooks. In chop the guns are going to lurch back and forth and bounce .... and at least put some damage on the nice paint jobs.

    Also, not sure how rough water you get into but as Marco mentioned, it could do some damage if you fall into those hooks. Or rip your wetsuit or jacket when it catches on one.

    Nice motor. I have a 2010 and a 2011 on mine. The newer ones have the three tilt settings? Mine has all the way up, and all the way down. A piece of 2x4 between motor and stern is my "auto" tilt. :D

  • The 10mm bent bars the spearguns rest on is getting covered with a thick rubber tube. It will extend over the tip about 10mm for safety. On the rack I have 5mm foam strips to help keep the guns in good condition. There will be mono loops you connect the shark clip of the gun so there should be little chance ever losing the gun even if the bungee loops fail.

    I will add to this thread once I rig it up.

    The 40hp is electric tilt and a great little motor. It pushes this boat along surprisingly well. No its not the best boat but it is all my budget would allow and I and happy with it.

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