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  • Hi! I'm in central FL and the mom of 2 teenage boys just getting into freediving/spearfishing. They are experienced watermen (boating/sport fishing/SCUBA) but new to spearfishing and freediving. I want to buy them each a pole spear and freediving fins for Christmas, and just spent 2 days researching that on.. Spearboard.. until I stumbled upon this site and learned more about that one. Now I feel overwhelmed at having to start over again, so hope to gain some unbiased opinions here on solid beginner gear. My kids will be spearing/diving mainly in south FL/Bahamas, not much more than ~40ft, mainly reefs (will be a while before they move up tp pelagic/open water spearing). I'll post my gear questions in the gear forums. Thanks in advance! Also, open to recommendations for additional reputable forums for information on freediving/spearfishing (trip reports, gear, experiences, etc). Thank you!

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    There are a lot of choices for pole spears. IMO a sling is a more effective spearfishing tool than a pole spear, I would choose the simplest sling over the most expensive polespear. I found this one to be the best sling Koah Side Sling MX

    For fins since your boys are just starting out, you probably don't want to spring for carbon fins. What's important then is that you get a modular plastic fin, this means it has two separate components; the foot pockets and the plastic blade. The performance is decent, and if at a later point they want to upgrade, they can use the foot pockets and replace just the blade. These are two good choices for modular fins:

    OMER Stingray Fins

    Cressi Gara Modular Fins

  • Welcome to Spearfishingworld divemom.
    I used a pole spear the first year of my harvesting days and still do on occasion. I would not recommend any expensive gear until they except the sport and enjoy it. Local dive/freedive clubs can be a source of great deals if they have auctions this time of year, along with older/experienced freediveing mentors.
    Plastic fins will serve them well the first year or so. (Those in my avatar with the bull were plastic) Dan listed 2 brands that I have used before that will get the job done, foot pocket fit to the individual fiver is very important.

    All the best, Don

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