Living on a Small Tropical Island- First Time Spearfisher- RA Tuna 100cm?

  • Hello Good People,

    I am living and working on a small tropical Island called Ofu in American Samoa. I will be here at least 3 years. The whole island is reef, with the occasional channel out to the outer reef. I have been pole spearing for the last two months on the inner reef and have mostly figured out that night spearing is where it is at, if I want to kill a nice parrotfish rather than bouncing my spear off them during the day. I am looking to buy my first spear gun, a line and a Kui Stringer. The water is about 70 yards/meters from our house. I will be using this gun at least once a week during the day, while continuing to use the JBL 3 prong pole spear at night. Most of the time I will be in the inner reef due to the easy access and being solo. Less often I will be with some locals that have guns in the outer reef.

    The gun I am considering is the Rob Allen Tuna 100cm open muzzle, I could be talked into the 90cm, but am mainly curious if people feel this will be a good beginner/intermediate gun for free diving both in shallow 2-10 feet inner reef where I mostly will be aiming at parrot fish, mullet and Bluefin Trevali, and deeper outer reef where anything is possible, including some big bahama mammas?

    I already have an old weight belt, normal (not super long) fins, a nice Mares spearfishing mask (though I have a medium sized head the thing is already on the last adjustment which is dumb), a basic snorkel, a lifeguard type, hard torpedo float and a hoop stringer. I plan to buy a cheaper 50' poly float line and a Rob Allen Kui type stringer. Is there anything else you all think I will need, other than the good lord on my side for safety? I think the gun on Amazon comes with a spear and line. I plan to old off on the reel until and if I determine it is needed.

    Thanks, Boat

  • With your size you should be able to comfortably handle and load 110cm to 120cm speargun. If there's even a small chance that you'll run into large fish that keep a distance, and if you're not shooting mostly into holes, I recommend at least a 110cm.
    The Speardiver Phantom speargun has a more ergonomic handle than the Rob Allen, and also has a built in loading butt, which is more convenient for chest loading and allows partial hip loading. The Rob Allen handle not having a loading butt is harder to keep in place when loading.

  • Thanks for your reply Dan. The only problem I have with that gun is there are no reviews and not much info out there on them, other than at the Freedive store, which it appears you own. Difficult to tell if the gun is reputable based on so little information about them.

  • As with all things you must use common sense and decide for yourself. Relying on someone's opinion stated without specifying details that ring true to you, is taking a shot in the dark. To get up to speed with spearguns keep in mind that a band speargun is a fairly simple tool with easy to understand components. In essence a speargun is a slingshot, although it took a few years to arrive at its current design, and nowadays most good spearguns follow this general design.

    What usability boils down to, once we get past a trigger mechanism that holds a shaft reliably, is small but important details. Some details are universally accepted as being better, like an ergonomic easy to grip handle that puts the grip near the plane of travel of the spear, and a loading butt which BTW Rob Allen started offering only recently as an upgrade. Other details are more of a personal choice, like open muzzle versus closed muzzle, both work fine (for me loading is faster with an open muzzle). In my previous post I pointed out such features that I thought would be helpful to you. Of course finding out for yourself is always fun, Rob Allen Tuna spearguns are available from Freedive Store also.

  • I live in the Marshall islands and know a guy that shoots a 120 Speardiver converted roller and he's shot his share of dogtooth tuna. Says he loves the gun. Personally I'm old school and shoot a classic wood gun. I don't know that much about pipe guns but I know there are a pile of Rob Allen's out there and piles of fish shot with them but I think the Speardiver would be a step up. This is only my opinion. Hope this helps.

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  • Talofa!

    The issue you'll have with a 100 cm gun in that kind of visibility and those Island fish that are akamai-smart, is that you'll be way under ranged. For ledges, holes and the occasional dumb fish the three prong will do. If you're looking at buying a gun make sure you're going to get a gun that has the range to kill fish. A 120 is ideal for clear viz and the bigger game fish on the outside reefs. I've hunted Samoa and Pacific Island fish aren't easy to hunt especially if you don't have the range needed. There are guys that can hunt those waters with short or primitive guns, but they usually have incredible breath holds and know how to attract and ambush each species. For the average spearo though a longer gun in those conditions is a necessary tool.


  • floatyurboat, I buy a Pelaj Nemesis spearguns and change handle and head by Speardiver. The Speardiver handle is the best I use, I have 7 spearguns. I do not think Rob Allen speaguns is any better than Speardiver Phantom.

    Buy spare shaft, I recommend Rob Allen.

    I always consult Dan on fishing equipment, he is very knowledgeable about the business. He does not sell garbage in his store.

    A speargun 100 is fun in corals caves but ... great reef fish and pelagics you will need more ... Do not use < 110.

    Un Hombre tiene que creer en algo.......
    Creo que me iré de pesca!!!

  • I own a large quiver of guns from blue water wood enclosed tracks to reef and blue water euro guns. I've built and had built for me guns and have used Speardiver parts and gear. You will be hard pressed to find better prices or more reliable, quality built gear. Last year I even purchased two Speardiver Phantom guns for my commercial and charter use and have been extremely pleased with those guns. Like Josediaz says the handles and handle placement are ideal. I prefer those handles over my Pathos Open Carbon, and my Aimrites (I have 5 Aimrites). The other issue I can vouch for is that Dan, Speardiver, won't just sell you a gun or gear but will make sure that you are getting the right stuff for your needs. You can make any gun more accurate by optimizing the rigging with the right shaft and band pull, but not all guns are well built. So the secret is to buy the best built gun for the money you have and then work on rigging it the way you need for your shooting style and conditions. When I hunted Upolu Island (Lefaga village in Matautu) I used my 60" hybrid and my son used his 120 cm King Venom. Those lengths were perfect for the clear water.

    Rob Allen builds a good gun, but between Rob Allen and Speardiver, I would go with Speardiver. Price, quality, and Shop support hands down the better deal. And I am just a customer and not a paid spokesman! Lol

    Good luck!




  • Thanks to all the replies. I think I am going to pull the trigger, figuratively and literally, on a Speardiver Phantom 110cm and a few back up accessories. Hopefully the gun will do what I need it to do.

    Good on you all!


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