seal holes in laminated teak

  • when you drill a screw pilot holes in a laminated teak speargun to mount your AR 15 frame , in my case the 2 screws is located in middle of the laminated pieces and 2 in the line of epoxy between the lamination , I am going to use teak oil for finishing , any risk of delamination from the 2 screws in the epoxy line ? any holes for screw should be seal by epoxy then re drill the pilots even in oil finished or teak oil is a good seal ?

  • Just make sure your pilot holes are the right size.

    I generally add a drop of thinned epoxy (epoxy with a bit of acetone) into the pilot hole before installing screws. This will penetrate into the wood and prevent swelling at the screw hole. It isn't all that necessary, you can just as easily drop some teak oil into the pilot holes with little swelling.

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