How is that possible

  • I have seen some spearos in you tube dive for 20-40 meters in hung at bottom for atl least one minute and come up again at surface with total dive time around 3 is that possible I mean it seem really hard , i can hardly dive to 10 meters no matter what kind of training I do , still couldn’t make it beyond 10 meters for spearfishing

    Is there something that I am doing wrong or those spearos that I am seeing in you tube are just unique?

  • I am diving straight down but my dive time is max 30 second and this why I couldn’t go farther or hung at bottom.all what I do is just see the fish from the serface go shoot it then come up again and the fish has to be within max 10 meters depth otherwise I will not be able to dive to it because I couldn’t hold my breath that long

  • Spearfishers and freedivers train rigorously to attain those depths and bottom times. It takes years of experience to be able to know your bodies limits and to learn the proper techniques for diving like this. I highly recommend you take a freedive course, or at the very least, read some literature on safe freediving technique.

    It is possible with


    Mental training,

    Physical training,

    Safety training,

    Good health,

    Good gear,

    Great Partners,


    Dive safe,


  • I did take freediving course I couldn’t dive more than 21 meters due to equalization problem but spearfishing to 21 meters its seems to be difficult at this time

    I am been doing cardio a lot recently just to improve my bottom times as matters of fact I change my whole life style just to become a good spearo but nothing seems to be working

  • If the Problem is equalization, maybe see a ear nose and throat specialist. But if you've dove 21m before comfortably, you should be able to do it again.

    Maybe try some dry land breatholds.

    Lay on the floor or in bed, breath up as you would before a dive, then hold your breath and time yourself. Record each time, try to beat or match the time previously. Do this maybe 5 times a day if you can manage.

    I like to listen to relaxing music while doing this but to each his/her own. You should improve your breath hold and get a good idea of how to lower your heart rate and relax your body pre dive.

  • The reality is any human can hold their breath for at least 1 minute if a relaxed state is possible in given conditions. It's just psychological.

    It could help you to dive with someone and watch them do it, then it becomes attainable in your mind.

    A practical way of building breath hold is camera work. Dive to depth you feel comfortable at and focus on getting a perfect picture of some sea creature. It will take your mind off the worries that influence your breath hold. Safety will not be an issue because you're not increasing depth, rather time. You're always a few kicks away from the surface.

    That said if there are equalization issues it should be your number one priority to fix.

  • I did so many breath hold tables both o2 and co2 but none seems to work .

    I have talked to my freedive instructor regarding the equalization beyond 21 meters , he said that I have to do diaphragm stretches

  • You must be doing something wrong. I am almost 53 and I can dive to 30 meters with 1'30" breath holding time. Ramon here is 60 and he dives to 40 meters for sure!

    Just tuck your chin to your body, move slowly, stop kicking when you're negative, don't look down, don't move any muscle you don't need and RELAX.

    Dive safe!

    Marco Melis

    A bad day fishing is ALWAYS better than a good day at work.

  • i don’t think that I am doing anything wrong but what I am trying to say is that my bottom time even at 10 meters for spearfishing it’s not that good

    Keep in mind that I am talking about bottom time for spearfishing and not freedive , a lot of divers can dive for 30 meters but not all of them can hung on the bottom for at least one minute searching for a fish at depth like that

  • Sounds like you are not interested in considering the suggestions that were offered to you by experienced divers, who just like you started diving shallow and gradually increased their diving/spearfishing depth. What do you want to hear, that some people are just not cut out for it and you're one of them so just accept your limitations? Or are you looking for a magic pill to make you a great diver?

    The last thing I'll say is don't fixate on depth and just try to enjoy your time in the water. When you'll really need to go deeper and stay longer and are ready for it, you will.

  • Dan please don’t get me wrong , I do appreciate the feedback from every diver in this forum but I am trying to explain exactly my problem to Marco

    As you said I will just take it step by step until I reach my target ....thanks everybody

  • I am trying to explain exactly my problem to Marco

    Well, I didn't understand exactly what you were trying to explain.

    Anyway, if you do this:

    Just tuck your chin to your body, move slowly, stop kicking when you're negative, don't look down, don't move any muscle you don't need and RELAX.

    Your bottom time and depth will increase drammatically. You also need to learn how to breath. Google "Pranayama". Should help you. Also learn how to do the "duck dive". There's videos on youtube.


    Marco Melis

    A bad day fishing is ALWAYS better than a good day at work.

  • Here's some of the best advice I can offer.

    Dive with a partner!! Dive with a partner that is better than you. You'll be improving faster than you realize.


    ....seriously tho

    Dive safe,


  • I know a lot of divers who are better than but there not interested in spearfishing,most of them are freediving instructors but I will do my best to convince one to dive with me

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