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    Todo eso en una hora.....estas que no discriminas. Se nota que el dedo del pie jodido, la mano y la falta de visibilidad no te afectan en lo mas minimo.

    The thing is that if you use the softest blades you can forget about swimming against the current if you needed to. For the diving we do around FL I like the #2, not too hard but not too soft just perfect.

    I know greekdiver likes the soft blades but I THINK that most people go for the medium or hard blades. Best of lucks with these fins. Looking forward to hear the price and blade specs.

    Yeah, I figured you would post them on-line or something. Jumping in the pool is a cool idea. When do you think you will be ready? Is it going to be just the blades or footpockets too?

    I don't know how but you alwasys find stuff like that and I think that's great. The spearfishing/freediving market needs it. Judging by the pictures they look really good. One more question: where are you going to sell them?

    Hi Marcos, I am really sorry and surprised to hear you had issues with Carbontek. I've been a customer of both him and his son ( and I couldn't be happier. At one point I bought a pair of blades but when I got them they were different in stiffness. I contacted him and he sent a new pair and told me to keep the first ones for spares. I didn't keep them but I thought that was a cool way of showing they were sorry for their mistake. I totally respect your opinion though, I have similar issues with US retailers that people claim to be great. By the way I wish I could fish with you guys one day in la parguera or somewhere near it.

    So Dan, what are you going to call your carbon fins? What stiffness will you carry? Warranty and specs would be nice to have too.

    Well, since your report was locked and I didn't want to hijack pucho's thread I figured I would start my own. I think that the DiveR blades are way too long. They remind me of the Riffe fins but in fiberglass. In my opinion a blade ranging from 70-80 cm max is the ideal length depending on the size of the person using them. Man has copied nature in multiple ways to achieve his goal. We looked at a bird and we made a plane, this is just one of many examples. I don't know of any fish that has a huge fin to body ratio. I am completely aware of the muscle arrangement and physical differences but there has to be a balance.

    I have used many fins starting from plastics to the carbons. There is no need to go into the differences that these different materials offer since this has been discussed in other threads. I have found that carbon blades outperform fiberglass and plastic fins. They are much lighter and much more reactive (Dan should be able to easily see this with his new test subject). It is true that some are more durable than others but that has to do with the resin/manufacture process they go through. My personal favorites are the carbontek 75 in medium (blade is 21cm wide by 75 cm long). I've had people step on them, I have jumped feet first from boats with them and they still there. I know that they are pricy but they are damn worth it. This doesn't mean go out and buy the most expensive ones you can find now but if you know someone that owns a pair he/she is nice enough to let you use them (on more than one dive) give them a try and you will know what you want for the upcoming Christmas.

    Nice fish. Some how you always manage to find the big ones. I thought the issue with your wrist was gone. Sigue inventando con las patinetas que te vas a matar pal carajo.

    Marco, una cosa que no creo que nadie ha mencionado. Una vez que obtines ciguatera la persona queda mucho mas propensa a intoxicaciones. Si ya has estado "enciguatado" yo te recomiendo que ignores a las barracudas y te enfoques en otros peces menos riesgosos. Creo que tiene que ver con el sistema inmunologico que queda debil despues de la intoxicacion. Se de un caso donde una barracuda fue consumida por una familia entera y el unico que fue afectado fue el hombre, nadie mas. El medico dijo que se debia a una ciguatera que el habia cogido previamente. Comparto lo que se, estoy seguro que en el internet debe haber mas informacion mas detallada sobre esto. Rolo debe saber un poco mas de esto tambien.