Bahamas Spearfishing

  • We were finally able to make it across again. I had a new pair of Speardiver C90 fins that I have been dying to try out. We had 2 trips blown off by a TS and Irene, but the wx and work schedules finally came together and were able to make it across.

    Cleared saturday, picked up a driver and hit the water. The viz was pretty bad and resulted in tough sledding. there was still a pretty good ground swell breaking on the outter reefsf. After several hours in the water, I didn't even see even a borderline hogfish. There were plenty of muttons, and the low viz made them less weary. Passed on a bunch of shots that werem't clear cut scoop and scores for fear of maimed fish and lost gear. Ended up w/ more turtle than fish footage, but had a good time anyway. After a good meal at Etta Janes and some drinks at Josey Wale's, sleep cam easy.

    Day two was more productive. Hit some spots north side or Matanilla on the way home and did ok. No trophies, but a welcome relief after day 1.

    Had a great time and enjoyed the C90's. I was very impressed w/ how well they did swimming up current or when I needed to de-de after a fish.

  • I really liked that, nice vid, good shots and great sound track:thumbsup2: What stiffness are the C90's ?

    Cheers, Don

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  • Nice vid Nat. I'm not sure if in some parts your camera is mounted on the polespear. If so please post a pic of how it's attached.

    Dan, it's actually mounted on my Hawaiian sling shooter, not a pole spear. The shaft is visible in all of the first person perspective shots. If I am filming someone else or have someone film me, then I remove the shaft for an uncluttered frame. The camera always stays on the shooter. Works out pretty well, sometimes don't see much when shooting rocked up fish though.

    I just used some aluminum bar stock from home depot and bent it around in a vise. Used stainless screws, if I were during it over I would use either flat heads or finish washers. I used a GoPro tripod mount secured w. another SS bolt from HD that I cut the threads to fit.

  • Cool. An LCD bacpac would be handy with that setup.

    It would definitley be handy, esp when filming in the second person perspective. That and showing my dumb ass when the camera is on and when it's off. :nutkick:

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