Good place to retire in Central America

  • Any suggestions for a spearo retiring in Central America? I have been looking at the Bay Islands of Honduras but hear it's pretty fished out and spearfishing is prohibited, I'm waiting for the report from Panama. Not really looking for a tourist area but more of a place I can blend in with the locals. Panama, Costa Rica, Caribbean, Pacific? What say you?

  • I'm going to retire here in Belize. It wasn't a well thought out choice. I came here to work and now have a fairly large adopted family that would be hard to relocate.

    It's kind of expensive to live here. Protectionist economy so everything is taxed coming in. Gas is over US$5 per gallon. Wetsuits, guns, shafts etc etc all have to come through customs.
    You need a fair amount of gas to spear here unless you live in San Pedro or Caye Caulker, but it's even more expensive to live there so that would offset your gas savings. The reef is 12-20 miles out from the mainland.

  • What about Panama? You have the Pacific and the Gulf side to dive. I had some friends buy a place on the beach and a place in the hills. That way they could move to a different location if the weather wasn't what they wanted. The 2 homes were still cheaper then one home in the states and they use the US dollar so you don't need to worry about exchange rates dropping.

    Look at Bahia Honda. New development in the north. You could be on the Hannibal bank or Cobia Island and be back at home in the same day. Last I heard a few years ago it was just getting started.
    I was there for 3 months in 2003 and the fishing was Awesome. Saw a Wahoo in the first 30 seconds of my first dive. And it just got better from there. 200 + lb Tuna and TOOOO many others to name

    I live in Belize and I don’t recommend it for retirement.

  • Have not done anything yet, I've just returned to the U.S. after a one year assignment in the South Pacific. But it looks like Bay Islands (Guanja) is like alot of other places either over-fished or over regulated.

  • Hey Dan, I was looking at this post thinking what a great thread then realized it was mine, ha ha. For a few years I had hoped to make a trip to Panama and check it out but life got in the way and still have not made it to Panama yet. But I'm back working in the Marshall Islands on Kwajalein Atoll and not too bad, at age 61 feels like semi-retirement, chasing the doggies around is pretty addictive.

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