Anclote Trip Report : 4/17/13

  • Vis is almost top to bottom off Anclote from 25fsw out to 42fsw. You could see the dark spot or ledge outline from the surface. Couldn't really make out fish.

    Water temp 71 on surface. Time for a 3mm suit.

    Gags were everywhere. Of course. Hogs were scarce, picked up one nice one every other ledge. Missed a huge red grouper in 26'.

    So I was hog hunting and shooting my 48' DS single action roller gun....

    and this beast showed up!

  • Damn!!! Respect!!! :thumbsup2:
    Edit: hummm I guess rollers can get the job done son...... must have been an insane fight when you hit that monster, breakaway or reel?

    A bad day at sea is better than a good day in the boatyard
    George Steele

  • Reel. Pulled me around for a few minutes. First fish I couldn't turn at all. I even had to grab my gun and swim under the anchor line.
    Finally my dive buddy got a second shot in him. But he kept fighting for a while.


  • Damn nice Charlie! That's a pig of a cobia! Glad to see some freedivers getting fish on our coast. One month till i'm back in town.

  • That's a beast. Nice FIsh.

    "Whiskey don't make liars, it just makes fools. So, I didn't mean to say it, but I meant what I said."
    -James McMurtry

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