Speardiver frameless two window mask

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    The Speardiver two window frameless mask is the first of its kind; a frameless mask with two separate lenses. All other frameless masks actually have a single lens, with a piece of superflous rubber running down the middle giving it only the appearance of a two lens mask. Having two lenses means the mask will contour around the divers face, resulting in less internal volume and a better field of vision.

    Made entirely from hypoallergenic silicone, the frameless mask is great for those who feel the frame of a conventional diving mask push against some areas of their face, resulting in sore spots. The frameless mask is very soft and comfortable having NO HARD PARTS other than the two tempered glass shock proof lenses and the 3D swiveling strap buckles. The 3D buckles permit the strap attachment point to move up/down & left/right, for precise positioning of the strap on the head without pulling the mask out of position. The strap length is easily adjusted by pressing two buttons. The frameless mask is also a convenient backup mask as it can be folded and kept in a small pocket in a float or BCD.

    The mask is available from FreediveStore.com Speardiver Frameless Two Window Mask

  • Dan I am going crazy trying to find a mask my wife CANT fog up!! :@ I am going to give yours a try for sure but if I like it more than my micro mask she can have that...:D

    A bad day at sea is better than a good day in the boatyard
    George Steele

  • Dan, i have scrubbed, burnt and spit my wife's masks to death, but I cant explain it, most masks just fog for her!

    A bad day at sea is better than a good day in the boatyard
    George Steele

  • I use toothpaste, smear it with my finger and rub (wash hands before) and let it dry, store it. When I want to use it I just stick it in water and the toothpaste goes away. Is she touching the inner lense with greasy fingers (makeup, natural oils we have on our bodies, suncream)? I also once in a while after rinsing, before applying the toothpaste, use dishwashing liquid to remove any stubborn oils that may have accumulated. This technique works well for me, spit never really worked for me, never tried fish slime :)

  • I bought an Oceanic Shadow mask a year ago and it could not get it to stop fogging. I did the lighter thing, toothpaste, used baby shampoo before diving, nothing would work! I finally tried using the coarse scrubbing side of a dish sponge and some soap and scrubbed the she-ite out of it inside and out. At this point I didn't care if it scratched the lens. If it scratched it up I'd just throw it away because I was never gonna dive with that fogging piece of crap again... No scratches and no more fog. I got lucky!

  • Another idea worth trying

    1. Lighter first
    2. Toothpaste trick next
    3. Baby Shampoo next
    4. Now after using it in Salt Water DO NOT rinse or clean it. I was having issues with forging after steps 1,2 and 3 and 4 finally resolved the problem and no, I don't know why. Rinsed/cleaned it after last day of 5 day diving trip.

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