Speargun accidents watch where you point it!

  • Let's use these as a reminder to always handle a speargun carefully and avoid a spearfishing accident.




  • Shit this is s good thread. It happens and we should be aware of it. A lot of times I look at people fishing around me and I see the gun momentarily aiming at me.I don't wanna get shot !!!!

  • Dan has a couple i think. he'll probably post them here later on. i shot myself in my head once , another time through my body, a long time ago i had another go in my hand ..... so i think it's good that this topic is brought to life so people know what can happen when stupid things are done. like yesterday for example, a friend loaded a gun while sitting on the back of the boat. that's exactly how i speared myself in the head....

  • Forget you guys back to the bikini section indeed

    We don't like to be reminded, but we need to be reminded.

    I wasn't sure how Sergio would feel about this trip down memory lane so I wasn't going to post about his accidents. But he told me it's ok so here's something closer to home, for you guys who think it only happens on the internetz.


    A couple of weeks after this accident Pantoja brought over the gun to inspect the mech. He didn't bother cleaning his own blood off the spear. I thought it would add drama to the report so I took a pic. At a later point the gun misfired again with a different spear, this time in the water. Since the gun was only recently bought the conclusion was that the mech was faulty. Riffe replaced it. Sergio got hurt only because he had the loaded gun out of the water.


    This next accident was much more serious. Original thread here http://spearfishing.world/safe…45-pantojas-accident.html


  • Wow - gad you are OK Sergio! Scary dangerous shit. Twice!

    I am taking my twins to La Paz in a week and a small 38 inch Riffe mid handle MAINLY to teach them safety with guns - same with bows, real guns, air guns, EVERYTHING!

    No more accidents Sergio PLEASE so we can ALL return to Bikini Thread.

    You know what - I too like diving alone like most of my life :thumbsup2: hell of a lot safer.

  • Just heard the story about the above pic, mind you it's 3rd or 4th hand. It happened in Miami. The gun was a brand new Seac pneumatic. Apparently the gun misfired 2 times in the water and one time on the boat. The diver continued using it, mind boggling if true. At the time of being shot he was in the water and handling the gun to someone on the boat. The person turned the gun so it was pointing at the diver in the water, and the gun misfired again.

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