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  • Hello all. just recently moved here and wanted to get an idea of what everyone uses on the island for weather and surf reports to try and figure the calmest areas. I am also putting my feelers out there for anyone looking for dive partners. I'm a competent freediver with 5 years of experience and like to try and get out to different areas of the island. i've only been out to a few so far, but i want to get out and do more. any info on the weather and surf sites would be much appreciated. Thanks

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  • Lucky you and welcome to Speardiver.

    Basically, the south side of the islands get waves from April ….to Sept Oct. The swells are produced from storms and hurricanes in the south and west Pacific.
    Then from Nov to Mar or so, the North shore starts getting waves from the storms in the Bering sea and northwest Pacific. (ever watch Deadliest Catch? those are the waves)

    There are a few exceptions. As to reports, there are numerous sites online http://www.prh.noaa.gov/hnl/pages/SRF.php and most radio stations give periodic reports during the day.
    Wongspearguns.com If you're in need of a speargun, contact Daryl Wong. He is really helpful and may take you out diving. And he makes nice guns. I met a few military guys who dived with him fairly regularly while living there.

    Enjoy. You are, in my fairly traveled opinion, in one of the nicest places on Earth.

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  • Welcome. Surfline.com is good, when I lived in Hawaii we just used the binoculars and the coconut wireless. Check noaa they have info too. Make sure to post pictures too. :)

  • Welcome and thank you for your service mate. I have not spearfished on Hawaii but talk to my old friend, Brian Yoshikawa owner of Maui Sporting Goods (92 N Market st # A) he also has a dive shop now on the big island.
    Tell him Neptune Don Paul says Aloha.:toast1:

    Mahalla, Don

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  • Aloha,

    Some useful sites for surf, wind, tides, moon phase etc. can be found here too:

    - surfnewsnetwork.com
    - surfline.com
    - windyty.com
    - tides4fishing.com

    Good luck and dive safe!

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