Happy Birthday Hank

  • Hank is hunkered down while Tropical Storm Earl is bearing down on Belize. Stay safe and enjoy your after Eral birthday dive Hank.

  • Have a great one, Hank!
    The groupers are safe for a day:)
    Wait, come to think about it, my best B-day was just a few years ago. Spent half of it spearing off of a Thai island and brought home fish for the B-day dinner.

    If lack of sun shine on your birthday means you have been a naughty boy, then what does a cyclone imply...?:@:laughing:

  • Many thanks for the birthday wishes from my diving brothers. :thumbsup2:

    No diving yet. I'm learning about my new place. I have a nice boat ramp on the Sittee River a couple hundred yards from my house. Usually after a storm passes, we get calm weather, which we did, yesterday.
    HOWEVER, the river wasn't cooperating. It's up.....navigable...but challenging launching the boat in the current....not to mention a couple crocs were lying on the dock this morning. :thumbsup2:

    But yeah, got a hurricane for my birthday. I'm sure you've read or seen pics online. Not a strong storm but a BIG one. Stretched over 90 miles with strong winds. Lot of docks and dive shops took a beating in San Pedro.

  • Crocks:@:@ holly flecken shite. ........just take me far fokin off shore. :D

    Cheers, Don

    "Great mother ocean brought forth all life, it is my eternal home'' Don Berry from Blue Water Hunters.

    Spearfishing Store the freediving and spearfishing equipment specialists.

  • Happy birthday Hank :toast:

    Enjoy your new kingdom :)

    The cocodilos of Venezuela they like the good life :thumbsup2:

    Un Hombre tiene que creer en algo.......
    Creo que me iré de pesca!!!

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