How do you fix lost mojo?

  • I've been diving about 7 times in the last 5 weeks or so.
    When I first got back in the water, I was deadly. Stoning or almost hitting the sweet spot on almost everything I shot at.
    But the last two times out I couldn't hit a fish to save my life. Hogs, dogs, barracuda, yellow jacks....

    We found a nice new spot yesterday and I missed a nice dog. So as I was swimming back to the boat, to move it out the cut to deeper water, I stopped in about 15 feet of water, laid on the bottom and took careful aim and hit a 6 inch surgeon fish dead on the sweet spot. From a good distance.

    Then I proceeded to miss about 4 more fish. How do you deal with this? Oh, and later I did get a fish. A small mackerel. Go figure....:crazy:

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  • You need to check your shaft, perhaps power down a band, and take some time to make practice shots on a target that's not moving, starting close and gradually increasing the distance. You need to see consistency in your shots.

    Other than that.. getting old sucks :atongue:

  • After the first day of missing shots, I checked the shaft. And Mo and Tino checked and we all thought it was straight. And I checked it yesterday morning before heading out. But today, I changed it for a new one.

    Mo was using a Riffe C3 since he started and just switched to a Wong 55. He was deadly yesterday and filled the cooler. Big barracuda, big grouper, 2 nice snappers, some smaller snappers. Same on Friday. Then he told me the last two times with the Riffe, he couldn't hit anything. Maybe I should try his Riffe? :D

    I usually don't think about a shot. Just point and shoot. After a few misses I was like.....WHAT ???? HOW"D I MISS THAT ???

    Don't know if any of you follow golf, but in the Masters this year, two time US Open Champion Ernie Els, 6 putted a green. 6 putted ......that's about how I was feeling yesterday. :laughing:

    but maybe Dan's going to send me a lucky knife. Or mask.....

  • Like Dan said - getting old sucks but you have a ways to go yet. But it sure sounds like a shaft like others have said. Try new shaft and if it doesn't work - let Mo get the fish and you "snorkel" ����. One other trick that someone we know uses with good results that you may want to try out of desperation - wear pink. ������

  • Hank, In my case when im in a rut, its because I want the fish too much.... its generally after a long (4-5 weeks for me) absence from diving when I see all of my friends catches and want to shoot something awesome...I psyke myself out so much that easy shots and stupid fish are just not happening for me.

    My best advice for getting out of the rut is as follows:
    1. lower your expectations
    2. use a smaller gun or polespear (this way generally easy fish are more rewarding, and you dont have to pull your shots as often because hey if you miss you dont have to go loading 2 bands and wraps)
    this also helps you to train on stalking method as you need to get closer to your target.
    3. take some "morale" shots, shoot an easy fish or two to get your confidence up early in the dive.
    4. sometimes a dive just doesnt go your way, Ive had dives where after im just like "F diving and F you F'n fish bastards!... but that ideal doesnt last long
    5. I think you just need to enjoy being in the water with some really amazing creatures having some great experinces, and eventually shoot them in the face.....but enjoy them first......and hopefully on the plate later.

    dive safe


  • haha. Yep. "how the f**k did I miss that f**kin' fish !!!.....rassle frassin crabble frackin'......"

  • Ok, nothing like some new gear to change your luck. :D Dan just sent me a couple lucky knives and masks. But I think the real key to luck will be the new snorkel. :laughing:

    Nice little knife. Modified a bit with bungee instead of the rubber holder. Put in a loop to go over my wrist when using in the water.

    Got the new fish finder all wired in and ready to go. oh please...oh please....:laughing:


  • Well apparently putting a new shaft on, even though the old one wasn't bent, was the answer.

    9 shots, 7 kills. Two tear offs due to flopper adjustment. It wasn't opening. Lost a nice dog in a hole at the end of the day. But got this big hog. Other hogs, dogs, muttons, porgies, barracuda...and man, my first shot of the day. I hit a nice yellow jack and as I pulled it in to get it off the shaft, here comes a small reef shark right at me. I was like, "WHOOAAA"....and dropped the shaft. The shark didn't go for the fish, it kept charging in at me. Finally it just took off down into the blue. Great way to start the day.
    But yeah, I weakened the bands a bit by putting them in the back two holes. Whew....:):) Jon and Alrick got a lot of fish. Big hogs, dogs, muttons, barracuda, mangrove snappers, porgies....badass.


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