Irv's cobia

  • Great/professional videos. Did you do all the filming?

    Thanks Dan:-)
    Yup, did it all - except, some of the drone footage in the first one, I didn't do all of it, but did some. My friend wanted to fly too which was cool, instead I gave tips on the framing. That said, the drone footage we did was not super advanced, none of those crazy moves the guys who fly for a living can pull off now.

    I did all the rest of the shooting, though and 100% of Philippines one. But... actually crashed my drone off of a catamaran and into 100m of water on one of the first days of that trip so no drone footage on that trip.

    My background is as a documentary stills photographer, so I am used to being the only shooter and it works well for me. As does shooting as much as we can without setting scenes up. Also, for the dive trips we are just shooting our friends - regular people, so they can't act great anyways without it showing. Normally, someone comes up with an idea like 'yoga on the balcony' and then I just let them do it and shoot it like I would in documentary without interfering. We don't really have scripts and certainly not a storyboard, but rather a loose list of things we wanna do. But that list looks pretty much like it would if I wasn't there. It's a nice mix where the end result has a more real, genuine feel while we still get some elements into it that we want. And we come home feeling like though we did shoot and work, we were also on vacation.

    The only major problem was being in the water or near it a whole lot and only getting two hours of spearing in:(. More next time!:D

  • Actually it was the drone footage that made me ask you the question, as I was surprised to see it. I found a drone in the water off Fort Lauderdale beach. I know it was in the water for only two hours, but the person I gave it to said it couldn't be fixed. I understand now it's not an uncommon occurrence. Another friend of mine that got a drone to market real estate, told me he crashed the drone and that it's not easy to control.

  • I have a friend who is doing the drone thing for real estate. As I recall, she needed a drone license to fly the thing? Is that US law now?

  • Heading home tomorrow. Wife got homesick. I told this company that my family is first. If my wife doesn't like Thailand, we go home. They're cool with it and want me to come back as a consultant periodically.

    Ya mon, Haven't shot a fish for about 9 months. Got out a few times here but not so good was like going inside the reef with no cut in Belize. Just some small fish here and there.

    I hope the fish got bigger and dumber while I was gone. Can't wait to get home. From this, the reef.
    ya man....

  • Hey Hanky! That means that I should plan visit you soon. Before you change your mind again and go somewhere else. :)

    Marco Melis

    A bad day fishing is ALWAYS better than a good day at work.

  • home...briefly. Brought family back to Belize. Araceli is a country girl and Phuket was a little too fast living. Driving on the wrong side of the road....language barrier.

    Anyway, we came home and the girls were renting another house so we bought it. Better they pay us rent. Got out diving 4 times. Warm water....31.4C.

    After the 3rd trip out, started getting back into it. 60 feet for 1 min 30 sec. Missed a few easy shots but got this nice mutton at 6th Cut. Shot down on it and the shaft came out its throat. Stoned.

    Planning to go to Antigua to dive with Dude George for wahoo in Jan.

    I had to come back to Phuket. Will go to Indonesia and China but will be back home in Dec. Sounds glamorous but traveling sucks.

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