How to post pictures

  • To post a picture click/put your mouse cursor in the the post where you want the image to be positioned. It can be any place, above, below or in between text. The image will be inserted in the same place where you left the cursor. Scroll down to the bottom of the editor and click on the "Attachments" tab, then "Upload" and you'll be prompted to browse your computer for the image you wish to upload. Browse for the image in your PC and click on it. Alternatively you can paste the link to the image in the input field if the image is online and not on your PC. That's it!

    You can also simply drag and drop pictures from your desktop into the editor.

    Choose if the attached picture will display as a thumbnail or full size.

    A number of images can be attached and inserted in different places in the post.

    You can upload pictures the same way from your phone.

    Attached images looks like this.

  • And don't copy image address and paste from Facebook. They must change the address over time because the picture will disappear here on SW after a while. I lost a bunch of photos on the "Fricken' Jake" thread.

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