How old is too old for spearfishing?

  • Wow Marco, I wouldn't have look 10 years younger than me! Where's the grey hair hermano?! Maybe I need a super hero avatar...


    My entire head is grey Bruddah

  • When I was in my twenties I used to walk past a few Yoga studios on my way down to the surf. I dismissed yoga as a goofy California hippy fad. Now I look at what guys like Gerry Lopez are doing at almost 70 and think its not so goofy. I've never set foot in a yoga studio but I make stretching a priority. I personally believe the ocean has healing properties and is good for the immune system and overall well being. I hope I am never dry docked.

  • I'm also becoming a big fan of stretching. I haven't been diving yet in Phuket but we have a community swimming pool that I take the kids to everyday. I've been doing some laps and man, getting out of bed the next morning....whooaaaa. It takes me about 5 minutes to where I can get limber enough to bend and touch my toes....without bending my knees. And core exercise....I would really like to try Yoga with someone who knows what they're doing.
    And dive again....

    And Jerry Lopez was my hero when I was learning to surf in Hawaii back in the late 70s. Pictures of him deep in the barrel at Pipe, standing almost straight up, shrugging his hands like...."eh....just another barrel...". haha. Unreal

    And virgili !!! Nice cubera !!! Wow !!

  • 56 I think, I do not keep the account.

    Spearfishing is a blessing.

    A geriatric spearfishing on a tropical island with abundant fish may be a good idea. 8)

    Un Hombre tiene que creer en algo.......
    Creo que me iré de pesca!!!

  • Ok I am now 68 and my last trip was March1st to April 26th 2018. I didn't rain one day in the Philippines I dove almost evert single day between 3 to 5 hours from the shore and my small bunka boat. It was some of the best fishing I have ever had. The water was clear the current was strong on occasion but for the most part my in-laws-dined on great fish almost every day..Almost . My Son got me a go Pro got Xmas check out one of my first production attempts music, plot, video, and actor are all yours truly. Also editing. the music I have the rights from Sonicfire 6 smart sound library.

    Here the link. You tell me. People ask me why I go to the Philippines and I made this short to show them the attraction.

    When I am not sleeping, I'm Spearfishing.
    My Aeris 10 only records 99 dives.
    I use them all every day the China Sea will admit me.

  • Dan the question is did you like it. I thought it was kinda of up beat and lighted the mood. Like I said I have a limited library of music I own the rights to use and it sounded right at the time of production. It was one of my very first attempts, I am just expermenting. Here is another short of me catching smaller reef fish my second attempt at production see what you think of the different music choices in it :}

    When I am not sleeping, I'm Spearfishing.
    My Aeris 10 only records 99 dives.
    I use them all every day the China Sea will admit me.

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