Tips to relax when im doing my breath up

  • Sounds crazy but sometimes when on bottom i sing some song that is relaxing in my head to extend my dive time. Anything to distract you from being uncomfortable and to calm jumpy nerves.

    Thats a good idea. I watched a video yesterday with a guy making this noise with his mouth and I thought that I would try it and to my surprise it worked the fish would swim up and that helped keep my mind off any uncomfortable feelings.[emoji4]

  • Do you meditate? It is odd to tell some one to focus on not having a focus but the truth is that if you can quiet your mind you will relax and you will be in the best mental state to listen to your body

    Try a little breathing meditation at your house and see if the relaxation techniques are helpful. Then apply it to your diving

    i like to spear fish

  • I count backwards from 100. Gives me time to recover and also lets me know when I might be getting hypothermic or fatigued because my concentration will slip. Might be time to head in. When I am in the water with other divers I watch them closely while I am on the surface. One up one down.

  • the best way I know to stay down longer, hear a boat vrooming right over head. :thumbsup2:

    on a serious note though, a couple of things always get me from performing by best.

    1. fighting current. Whenever you're actively moving you're engaging many more muscles than you think. Hard to oxygenate fatigued legs, always keeps your heart pumping faster too.

    2. Hydration. I always underestimate how much this matters. I honestly will be out diving for 4-6 hours and sometimes never even take a sip of fresh water. (I usually drink 1-2L the night/morning b4, but still) . Staying hydrated is VERY important. I always dive much better when I'm properly hydrated. make sure you bring some fresh water out with you every time you go. heres a small rundown on why.

    Hydration - European Hydration Institute European Hydration Institute

    just a small excerpt "Heart:
    Fluids are important for healthy heart function and the correct regulation of water balance is essential to keep blood pressure within the healthy range. Dehydration decreases cardiac output which may lead to increases in heart rate and a fall in blood pressure. The circulatory system delivers a constant supply of oxygen to the brain, muscles and to all other tissues."

    boom. dehydration = raised heart rate = greater oxygen consumption = less bottom time.

    Form : as was mentioned before. Keep your head tucked, trust me you're not gonna bunk it on the bottom, use your peripherals to gauge depth. When i extend my head to see the bottom i inadvertently arch my back. Thats a lot of unnecessary energy exertion. plus having your head tucked allows for much easier equalization. blowing as hard as possible to equalize destroys oxygen reserves.

  • We have lots of boats were why have been diving and its really close to a boat launch so we see a lot of boats. I have been bringing water with me my leg haven't been getting tiered. After reading all the tips from all of you guys im finding myself 100 time more relaxed and hitting deeper and longer then I have AND ITS AWESOME!!! So I want to thank you all it has helped me so much.

  • Treebilly and I dove again today and we both shot some fish I finally thought I had shoot a fish biger then him but no his was a little bit bigger than my fish but I

  • U guys should start an Alaska spearin reports thread instead of postin to this one

    I will talk to treebilly aboot it a lol we are going tomorrow so I will see what he thinks I just wanted to update my status with how improving.

  • Great thread....i just learned more right here than all the articles, theories, etc that ive ever read anywhere else!!

  • Fatty....speaking of Orcas :@ hahaha, im watching a tv special about them now...amazing predator. Are these guys really a threat, as sharks are for us?? Just curious if u ever see them, experiences??

  • Fatty....speaking of Orcas :@ hahaha, im watching a tv special about them now...amazing predator. Are these guys really a threat, as sharks are for us?? Just curious if u ever see them, experiences??

    No they dont bother us but they can and yes I have seen them in the water they are crazy big. orcas are very smart and eat anything they want too. I hope im never in a situation were im to close because I believe they would try and see if im food. I dont think there is a recording of them attacking a diver.

  • Best advices you got are to stay hydrated and to keep your chin close to your body (streamlined). Also, stop kicking as soon as you're negative. It seems that it takes longer to reach the bottom but you'll increase your dive time.

    Be careful and enjoy. :)

    Marco Melis

    A bad day fishing is ALWAYS better than a good day at work.

  • Apologies for de-railing this informative thread with the Orca question...
    Copy your reply fatty, wow.
    Ok, i hope the "how to relax...." suggestions keep coming, very interesting!!
    Thanks Marco for getting us back on track.

  • I have been seeing improvement in my diving from all the tips thanks everyone. Now treebilly3 told me today that im kicking with knees bent and I need to kick with my legs and not with my knees bent so much. That will help conserve oxygen and help with my bottom time. I will have to try and do that more.

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