Which spearfishing mask do you use?

  • Well, if you went back to a shop now, for the first time since '94, I bet you can find cooler looking ones;):laughing:
    Let me take some pics today, or soon, and update my long post above with pics of my masks.
    Of course, choosing a mask based on how it looks is not what we should be doing but that said, my SubGear looks cool and so does the smallest Mares masks and many others.

    Actually, seems like the old school mask is having a bit of a come back recently from the young generation who didn't grow up with them.
    Same as with young photographers falling in love with film these days and helping keep Kodak somewhat alive:)

  • Y qué tal va para pescar profundo?

    And how is it for deep diving?

    perfectas, ligeras de peso solo dos clases de material muy livianas y no m dejan marca en la piel al dejar de pescar.

    Estas dos de la foto para nostalgicos.:D

    Aquatic cat



  • Actually the old school masks, or as my sister calls them "Voyage to the bottom of the sea" ones, :laughing: are not that bad they have a really good field of view, I had one as a kid and it was a child's mask but was really good quality compared to the children's masks now, the only bad thing was the rubber that was used back then, it was really stiff and could be irritating when worn for a long time but still worked really well, but newer ones are made with silicone now which is softer and not irritating, though rubber is still used. The rubber was the only fault those had

  • had one as a kid and it was a child's mask but was really good quality compared to the children's masks now

    I bought the Mares Pirate for my daughter. It has been a awesome mask for many years now! The silicone is a bit miscolored by now but it still feels great and still is well tight and sealed.

  • I have used a variety of dive masks, for many years the Beuchat Minimax, then I had a long run with a Farallon Prismatic (two of them) before I switched to a Scubapro Visa, my first black silicone rubber dive mask. I now have a Scubapro frameless and an Aqualung Teknika mask, mainly because I liked the look of it. Returning to my roots I just had a Beuchat Super Compensator delivered, which will be my fourth one of these after a gap of several decades using that mask. I can tell you that although it looks the same the mold has been changed as many small details are slightly different to the masks that I wore at the start of my diving career.

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