Which spearfishing mask do you use?

  • Cressi Big Eye, Omer Alien and Spetton Excell (among best I've ever used). I was using the cressi big eye last. But if I had to recommend a mask I would say Spetton Excell because it has a softer skirt and lower inner volume.

  • Riffe sight

    I have tried the minima, while I really liked how streamlined it felt in the water and the comfort was A+, I simply cannot accept the lack of periferal vision, especially compared to the Sight mask

    i like to spear fish

  • I use the Aqua Lung Technisub.
    I have and do own a lot of masks but the Techisub is my favorite.
    An example is that I thought I wanted to try another of my masks last week and took out a new Cressi Suprocchio the other day. I put the Cressi on and jumped off the yak, swam around the front then the back of the yak and then back onto the yak to get my Technisub mask. I was amazed how much the Cressi limited my vision compared to my Technisub. The immediate comparison between the two masks made me realize how much more I saw with the Technisub. I can easily look down to see my weights and to see my belt knife sheath to replsace my knife in its holder on my belt. I am almost sure that this Technisub mask has enabled me to see a lot more fish out of my pererfiral vision.
    This is just my opinion and I do not shoot big fish:)

    Edit---I have 2 or 3 of the Aqua Lung Technisub masks if anyone local wants to borrow one to try it out for a dive or two.:toast:

    Spearfishing Store

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  • I like technisub, but mine broke and now I use minima , which is great , I don't seem to notice the lack of periferial vision , in any case it doesn't bother me at all.

  • Riffe viso amber (aqa something) Great fitting, excellent vision field, superb quality, very comfortable
    Riffe mantis amber ( Mantis aqa ) Great fitting, excellent vision field, superb quality, very comfortable
    Omer Alien Great fitting, excellent vision field, comfortable, it keeps fogging.
    Tilos pixel . Cheap, great quality, excellent vision field, comfortable

    In that order

    I'm a Speardiver, not a freediver

  • Well i know me and ASESINO we used to love the small OMER ABYSS with mirror lenses I beleive he still using that brand and model. for the longest i haved used those small models, i have tried the mantis and viso from Riffe.They are all good masks but the mantis was a little too big for me. Peripheral vision we really done care to much the reason been once you land to the bottom. i always move my head to scan left and right. even from my descend. Now remember that i was a scuba instructor. and i normally use small volume masks for scuba as well. So i can use any mask with black silicone and low volume for spearfishing. Actually i have in my possesion a cressi mask for scuba diving exactly like the viso of riffe. I will be using that until it breaks. very comfortable. No mirrors on it. but i really dont care about that right now.

  • I have expanded my mask experience and will add some more insights.

    Mares /sporasub Star Elite- I found this mask extremely comforable and i like the mirrored lens too. The mask feels very soft on the face and this is why it is very comfortable, i fear that it will have reliability issues though as a result. I will keep using this as a back-up or as a loaner ( i feel it will fit many faces well because of how soft and bendy it was

    Omer bandit- good mask, i like the top to bottom range of vision and peripheral is average to good. volume was acceptably low

    Techisub Micromask- pretty much the best mask ever...it leterally weirded me out the first dive because i couldn't see the frame when i looked up or down...i have no isses with the strap like others had mentioned. i recommend this mask

    i like to spear fish

  • Techisub Micromask. I've been through about 8 masks and after diving this one for the first time I bought a 2nd as a backup.

    The only way I can think of making it better would be to have the option of an amber tinted lens. I've found that this can matter in certain water/light conditions.

  • what do you guys think of this mask

    Aqualung technisub sphera

    I might give it a try it goes for around 50 bucks.

    * The Sphera Mask is one of the lowest volume masks on the market. This makes it the number one choice for recreational and competitive freedivers and snorkelers.
    * The skirt and nose pocket are constructed of top quality Silicone providing maximum comfort.
    * Adjustable buckle system on the strap make it easy to get on and off. The Plexisol lens makes the mask lighter than other masks.

  • Some people in the PFI course used a similar mask. In that course everyone wants to see how deep they can go, so it's OK to sacrifice to get absolute minimal volume. The downside of that mask is that the curved lense distorts the image. Also, the fact that it's plastic means that it scratches easily, and isn't as clear as glass even from the start.

  • Alan, i have heard countless spearos who love that mask still complain about how the lenses are garbage and they by them in bulk because of how often they have to get new masks...supposedly there is a version with glass lenses, but im sure it is a lot more expensive and harder to find.

    the micromask is the perfect mask if it fits you...i would lend you mine and wear my backup if we ever dive together as i am sure many others would as well.

    i like to spear fish

  • Alan, DO NOT get the Sphera. It really distorts everything because of the crappy lenses. I had one, tried it out and promptly returned it.

    I'm pretty impressed with the Micromask. Minimal volume and bigger field of view than my Omer Alien.

  • My primary mask right now is the Omer Alien. It is the most comfortable mask I have ever worn. I really wish it was available with amber lenses, for the reason that Griswold mentioned. Like others have mentioned, the Omer masks fog really bad. I have tried just about every remedy there is. I just got into the habit of using defog before each dive.

    Prior to the Alien I was using the AQA Naida amber lens mask. My face seems to changed shape over the last couple of years, because it started leaking just above my lip.

    I have had a really hard time finding a mask that seals correctly on my face. The only other mask that I could ever get to fit right was the Cressi Super Ochio. I had one of those for years. But, like the Naida, as I got older, my facial structure seems to have a changed a bit and i could not get it to seal.

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