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    welcome Joe.. I'm also in ATL. So you are a yellow jacket. Awesome. This is a great group of people here. I will like to go to FL. and go hunting with this guys. but work wont let me. I live in Stockbridge, just a little south of ATL.

    I usually don't use it. But i know there has been a few time i did. Don you raise something i was not paying attention too. My little 3 year old daughter. She sits there while i type all that. She can't read but i need to be concern in a few years from now. If she mention any bad words i don't want to be the reason for it. ;). We don't use that language around the kids in my house. But when in a boat and ready to go hunt. Is all about the F... Fish that is going to Die. :D

    O2..I learned it in the early 90's because i love go hunting for Bugs at night. and i needed both hands clear for the light and the gun. But once u get used to it, I was not able to compensate touching my nose. If i was slightly congested you can cancel Christmas and go back home. Now i make sure every day of diving i pinch my nose15 to 20% of the time. I understand that for some people is hard to compensate all the time like that. Can you imagine a Scuba Diver instructor that cannot compensate .:rolleyes1:..It
    has happen to me. that is why i have learned how to compensate both ways. I used to bleed a lot trough my nose too.. another reason not to touch my nose that often.

    Maybe i'm confused..but i used Frenzel Maneuver all my life without taking the snorkel out. And i don't get the part of water in your mouth at all. I can block the water with my tongue so the mouth is sealed. I don't pinch my nose at all.. So both hands are free. And i have dove 70, 80+ feet and i consider that a good depth. I don't have to push under that unless i really have to. Lately in my life at those depths i will take the snorkel out and put it in as i get to the surface to clear by displacement. but i don't do it all the time. This is a good thread and i can see different opinions, And i have tried both and i really used both depending on the situations. But probably my experience have taught me things that don't apply to everyone else. Still the mouth full of water part i never heard before and i don't understand t. because i can't visualize a spearo that let water in his mouth underwater. . Not even when you get to the surface.I do understand the tube full of water but not the mouth. I clear my lungs on the way up ready for recovery breathing and the tube will be clear by displacement before getting to the surface. If i'm pushing bottom time then i take the tube out for recovery breathing. Quickest way..but i don't push my bottom time unless is really necessary. Maybe i got lost in all the info and i miss something and got me a little confused. So if you guys please guys explain will like to hear opinions so i can compare of what i already know. Just curious in opinions with Valsalva and Frenzel. They both used in Scuba and Snorkeling. They are not new when it comes to underwater and not specific to any of the disciplines. Will like to hear the old schoolers that know both ways to elaborate cause i thought i covered both ways there.
    Sorry fo rthe paragraph
    Cheers Core

    Im curious about the process to clean them and make sure they are safe to eat...don't have any experience on them. bt willing to learn so when i see them i kill them and eat them..:)..any tips?

    I Use Same method Don Use but if is shallow like 20 to 30 feet I don't take it out...and in 20+ years in the water i never suffer a SWB..Not that I'm super man.. but I never push my air supply that far... diving even at greater depths..I'm not the fittest or the best spearo around but i know what my body can handle. Nor have never seen someone suffer a SWB. I have studied it. and i know the consequences. But if you push it no matter where your snorkel is the SWB is going to happen and there is where the Buddy system come in effect. The only thing that will save you.

    Depend on depth..if I'm going deep and long time under i put it out.. If's a shallow dive not to long i keep it in.. And i clear mine before getting to the surface that pushing water out in the surface is far into the past. You let a small bubble of air go out in your last 5 feet while you look up, by the time you reach the surface tube is clear of water and ready to breath and you can keep scanning the bottom like Rick said. I guess different approach to the topic. Purging water out of the snorkel is a waste of time.

    egh what i was talking about them is kind of a side note,, jsut that while im sure showing timidness and fear to a shark puts them in even more control, at the same time lack of fear and confidence doesnt make a person untouchable

    That is true..just be aware and alert when they show them self...don't ignore them, just don't fear them...they will sense it..Your heart rate will change your whole movement and everything change when you get worried underwater..and sharks can detect that.. and make them even more curious...I call it unwanted attention. If you get used to it and learn how to deal in their presence you can control and make an accurate assessment.

    Dan that is what i meant. Either give them the shaft. the pike, or the PH:thumbsup2:. Even when you go hunting. remember you are always armed...same in the water so always be ready to defend yourself. And i have faced sharks without a speargun. I have used my fins as a method of protection. :confused1:, was a hairy situation :laughing3:

    Spearfishing in sharky waters ain't that bad..A lot of the spearos here have been in that situation.. You shouldl be cautious..but do not show fear..once you fear, you panic then the shark will notice you big time, like they mention before assess the situation, and the species you are dealing with, most of them have a personality that will hint you of their intentions...if they get stupid let them have the 5 foot cold steel:D. that will take care of it. Or a Dan's special PH. :)

    welcome back old safe... You know we start wondering when the next report is. Well glad to see everything is ok and the Hau mobile is in progress.I wonder how the Hau mobile will look. :rolleyes1: got to be funny

    I consider Hau :hau: the cero mackerel's it me or every time he go out he kills might want to get some advice from him :thumbsup2: I rather shoot bigger ones because i love the fight. The small ones are little challenge...but they will help you develop a big trust in your shooting style once you get used to shooting those cero macks. Good Luck