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    Yes I did! I talked to Gui! He even has a spare Gopro mask mount for me to buy! I can't wait to get it mounted and get in the water! Thanks for all your help!

    I'm the one that makes those mounts :)

    sounds like you're ready to go! keep us posted

    Hi, did you contact that guy i suggested?

    It's a quick thing to get the licence... bad luck...

    If people are interested on some Azorean pics and footage maybe I can post some stuff (I usually don't...) but maybe wait for brauny's stuff...

    Good luck

    I've read an article about testing rollers and non rollers and, according to the tests, to get the most out of rollers, the band should be pre tensioned...

    I use 720p medium FOV @60fps (hero3 black edition)

    As Dan mentioned, can't see huge difference from 720 to 1080 that justifies the increased file size... keep in mind that youtube and others compress the files

    I use the camera on the gun so if i get a fish it's in frame :) Wide has too much distortion for my taste. I used narrow but found it too........ narrow :)

    it's much more fluid then 30fps.... footage just seems more real. I found the difference to be much more significant vs 30 fps then using 720p or 1080p.
    Why not 120fps then? because if lighting conditions are not optimal, footage get's darker... If each frame is "gathered" in a shorter time interval, less light is "gathered"

    Yes, the buddy system is the best approach but it has to be one down, one spotting... not 2 guys diving withing 10 m and each doing their thing which is what tend to happen, from my experience. The FRV sure is a plus but a diver that surfaces with mask on and already with water in the airways (trough mouth) most probably won't make it on his own... but again it's a plus as he will be easier to find, the surface arriving sound can alert a buddy close by....
    Really sad news :(