One reefchief going south

  • Ive been pretty absent from the forums as of late. Between an insane work schedule and soaking up my son who seems to double in age every week, I maybe get one day a week for myself and I spend it in the water whenever possible. Every time I go out I plan to write a trip report with pics and stories to share with everyone but life and work keeps me away. I figured I would dump some pics ive taken diving from May - Aug

    A friend of my families ive known since I was young recently got addicted to spearfishing a while back. He owns a dependable 2002 20ft proline and likes taking it down to the elliot key area as much as he can (Not a bad friend to have :laughing:) So it has become a Sunday ritual to wake up pre dawn and make the long journey down to homestead, dive all day, and arrive back home in the dark just in time to pass out before work the next day. In exchange for 14 hour days and lots of gas money we get to dive in some incredible spots with an amazing array of absolutely beautiful sea life, viz that always seem better than everywhere else, and a couple of fish around too. Weve been diving relatively shallow as my buddy hones his diving skills, but we have recently began to explore looking for deeper spots, its like starting all over though when you become so familiar with the makeup of an area at a different depth. Sometimes we go up north for a change, but the always-better-than-everywhere-else viz of elliot keeps us coming back for more.

    Hope you guys enjoy the pics.

    We caught this guy H+L at night in the keys during mini season (snapper spawn) since he was such a badass we released him to live a 3rd life.

  • Nice pictures! Glad you've been getting some time diving amidst all the chaos. That snapper with half a back is crazy! I wouldn't think it'd be able to survive...

    Just saw the grouper with a lobster in its' mouth. Funny stuff

  • For a while there it was just busy weekdays and weekends. But lately the nice weekends are back and it feels great. Been shooting some nice fish and having a good time doing it. Also got in some lame free diving gopro selfie days too!

  • Yesterday started beautiful

    And I loved to see my old man take off his captains hat and put on his wetsuit! Surprised it fit his beard.

  • As the day went on it just got better
    My cutting board wasn't ready

    Hope you guys enjoy the pics even a fraction of how much I enjoyed taking them.

  • Thanks George. The Ameri-euro is actually finished. I finished it in a rush before lobster mini season and then never got a chance for nice pics and to post and then you know how to goes. Judah's gun however needs a few more sessions very soon! Who knows when I'll have time. Barely time to dive, but there's always time to dive! I'll post some pics and info of the finished Amerieuro soon.

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