Fish name translation English Spanish

  • This first post is updated from all subsequent posts discussing the correct fish names. Feel free to suggest corrections or additions.

    USA Cuba
    Puerto Rico
    Mexico Venezuela

    Blackfin Snapper Pargo sesi
    Cubera Snapper Cubera Cubera Guasinuco/Pargo caballo
    Dog Snapper Pargo Jocu Pargo Colorao Aguadera
    Gray / Mangrove Snapper Caballerote/Cubereta Pargo Gris Parguete
    Lane Snapper Biajaiba Arrallao Pargo Rayao
    Mahogany Snapper Ojanco Aarrayao / Manchego Pargo Anime
    Mutton Snapper Pargo / Pargo Criollo / Pargo Sanjuanero Sama / Manchego Cebadal
    Red Snapper Pargo Colorado / Pargo del Alto / Pargo Rojo Chillo Pargo Rojo / Pargo ojo amarillo
    Schoolmaster Pargo Caji Pargo amarillo Pargo amarillo / pargo cotorro
    Silk Snapper Pargo del alto
    Vermillon Snapper Giron
    Yellowtail Snapper Rabirubia Culirrubia Rabirubia
    Black Grouper Aguajis / Bonací Arara Aguají
    Coney Guatiberos Cabrilla / Meritos / Mantequilla si son rojos Cuna
    Goliath Grouper / Jewfish Guasa / Mero Mero guasa Mero guasa
    Nassau Grouper Cherna criolla Mero batata Mero batata
    Red Grouper Cherna / Cherna Americana
    Red Hind Cabrilla Chernita pinta Cabrilla
    Rock Hind Cabrilla morra Chernita pinta Cabrilla
    Scamp Cuna palmera
    Tiger Grouper Bonací / Bonací gato Mero tigre / Mero gato Mero tigre
    Yellowfin Grouper Arigua / Bonací de piedra / Bonací cardenal Mero Brasil
    African Pompano Flechu Pampano Africano / Corcovado Sol
    Almaco Jack Coronado / Medregal / Boquerón Coronado / Medregal
    Bar Jack Civil Chivi / Guaimen Cojinúa negra
    Black Jack Jurel / Jurel negro Corcovado / Jurel negro
    Blue Runner Cojinua Cojinua Cojinua / Blanquilla
    Crevalle Jack Gayeco Jurel Jurel
    Florida Permit Palometa común Palometa Palometa
    Greater Amberjack Coronado Medregal Medregal Guaimey
    Horse-eye Jack Jiguagua Jurel Ojon Jurel ojo gordo
    Lesser Amberjack Medregal Medregal Medregal
    Permit Palometa Pampano Pampano
    Rainbow Runner Caballa Salmón / Macarela Violín
    Yellow Jack Civil Amarillo Cojinua amarilla Cojinua amarilla
    Black Grunt Carbonero
    Black Margate Pompon / Ronco Carbonero|Viuda Prieta / Vieja Rompe Hoya Burro Prieto Zapatero
    Bluestriped Grunt Amarillo Coro-coro
    Grunt Ronco
    Margate Pompon / Jallao Jallao
    Sailors Choice Carbonero
    White Grunt Amarillo Cachicata / Boqui colorao Cachicato
    White Margate Ronco blanco Ronco blanco Coro-coro blanco
    Blue Parrotfish Lorro azul
    Midnight Parrotfish Lorro policia / Trombal
    Queen Parrotfish
    Rainbow Parrotfish Lorro guacamayo
    Stoplight Parrotfish
    Black Durgon Cocuyo
    Gray Triggerfish
    Ocean Triggerfish Sobaco / Berraco Cachúa oceánica
    Queen Triggerfish ochino|Pejepuerco Cachúa de arrecife
    Other Fish
    Atlantic Spadefish Pajuala
    Balao Escribano azul
    Ballyhoo Escribano de agua dulce
    Barracuda Picuda / Picúa Picuda / Picúa Picúa
    Bermuda Chub Chopa
    Bigeye Catalufa
    Blue Tang Barbero
    Bonefish Macabi Cabro / Macaco Macabi ratón
    Cero Mackerel Pintadilla Sierrita / Sierrita pinta Carite pintado
    Cobia Medregal Bacallao
    Damselfish Isabelita
    Dolphinfish / Mahi mahi Dorado Dorado Dorado
    Glasseye Snapper Catalufa
    French Angelfish Chivirica
    Goatfish Salmonete Salmonetes Salmonete
    Gray Angelfish Chivirica
    Green Moray Morena verde Morena / Congre Morena verde
    Hogfish Pez de perro / Pico de pato Capitan Pargo Gallo
    King Mackerel / Kingfish Serrucho / Sierra Sierra / Sierra carite Carite rey / Sierra canalera
    Houndfish Agujon
    Peacock Flounder Lenguado / Tapaculo
    Porcupinefish Guanabano
    Porgy Bajonao Pluma Pluma
    Porkfish Ajallao Colombiano Catalina / Isabelita
    Redfin Needlefish Agunjon
    Reef Croaker Corvina
    Sand Drum Corvina
    Sand Tilefish / Slippery Dick Carajuelo blanco
    Scrawled Cowfish Torrito
    Scrawled Filefish Lija trompetua
    Sheepshead Cheehe' ;)
    Snook Robalo Robalo Robalo
    Southern Sennet Guaguancho Zorrita
    Spanish Hogfish Pez de perro Español
    Squirrelfish Carajuelo
    Tarpon Sabalo Sabalo Sabalo
    Trumpetfish Trompeta
    Trunkfish / Boxfish Vaquita Chapin Torito
    Wahoo Peto Peto / Carita tiburona Peto
    Blue Shark Azul / Dientuso / Dientuso Azul Azul Azul
    Bull Shark Toro / Cabeza de batea Toro Toro
    Great Hammerhead Cornuda / cornúa / Pez martillo Tiburon Martillo / Cornua Tiburon martillo / Cornua
    Lemon Shark Limon Limon Limon
    Mako Mako/ Alecrín / Tintorera azul
    Nurse Shark Gata Gata Gata Gata
    Remora Pez pega
    Silky Shark Jaqueton Gambuso Gris
    Thresher Shark Zorro Judío Zorro
    Tiger Shark Tigre / Dientuso / Alecrin Tintorera / Tintorera Chata Tigre / Tintorera
    White Shark Blanco / Aguzada / Tiburón lobero
    Manta Ray Manta diablo Mantarraya
    Smalltooth Sawfish Pez sierra Pez serrucho
    Southern stingray Raya Raya
    Spotted Eagle Ray Obispo Chucho Chucho
    Spotted Scorpionfish Rascacio / Pez piedra
    Yellow stingray Lebisa
    Green Turtle Tortuga peje blanco
    Hawksbill Turtle Carey
    Kemp's Ridley Turtle Tortuga verde
    Leatherback Turtle Tinglado
    Loggerhead turtle Caguama
    Lobster & Crab
    Coral Crab Cangrejo morro
    Spiny lobster Langosta
    Moon Jellyfish Medusa
    Portuguese man-of-war Varquito Portuguese
    Stinging Jellyfish Medusa
    Bristle Worm Gusano
    Fire Coral Coral fuego
    Long-spined Sea Urchin Eriso
    Octopus Pulpo
    Red Fire Sponge Esponja roja
    Squid Calamar
  • Suggestions and corrections are welcome. I will then add them to the first post.

    Bonací is like a generic name for grouper no?

    Lets try to restrict it to fish we may actually get spearfishing. No point listing very deep water species, the list will get too long to reference conveniently.

  • Pargo

    In Puerto Rico

    Hog fish = Capitan
    African Pompano = Pampano africano
    Red Snapper = Chillo
    Yellowtail Snapper = Culirrubia
    Dog Snapper = Pargo Colorao
    Mutton Snapper = Sama and some old fishermans call it Manchego
    Barracuda = Picuda o Picua tambien le dicen Barracuda
    Lesser amberjack = Medregal
    Spotted Eagle = Chucho
    Morays = Morena o Congre
    Great hammerhead = Tiburon Martillo
    Mangrove Snapper = Pargo Gris But here they confuse it with Cuberas
    Lane Snapper = Arrallao
    Horse eye Jack = jurel Ojon

    You missing the tiger Grouper = Mero Tigere

    I'm not 100% sure but i beleive Schoolmaster they call it Pargo marillo
    And Yellow jack i think is Cojinua.

    So far that i can recall easy. Marco and Rodolfo can give you more local names.

    Hope this helps your list

  • Thats right I was looking for Cici.
    Its Cibi not cibil and isnt horse eye Gallego and crevalle Jiguagua?
    Jurel is another word used a lot for jacks. Core we call it cojinua too in some parts.

  • Quote

    Bonací is like a generic name for grouper no?

    Nunca e escuchado ese nombre Bonaci. Aqui casi todo de esa especie se le conoce como Mero.
    Algunos diran Aguaji, Cherna, etc. pero al final el nombre casero seria Mero.

  • Dan Ive done some searches and did find Civil too. My apologies. Also the Mero Tigre is exactly what Ive known as Bonaci. Its been a long time but Im pretty sure. Maybe when some other Cubanos come around they can help.

    I found Bonaci Gato in one webpage as a Cuban name for Tiger Grouper. Anyone heard this before????

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  • More than yellow fin?? Cause Ive eaten alot of that.
    I think Cigua is all relative to size(in proportion total growth) and area. The more it eats and has available to eat(algae, and small fish that eat the algae), the quicker it becomes ciguato.

  • In Puerto Rico depends the town and they have different names, I am from Aguadilla and my wife is from Cabo Rojo, that is like 40 miles, everything is different in language, but i will try and post few names that I have been hearing.


    (USA) Red snapper = (Cuba) Pargo Colorado / Pargo del Alto / Pargo Rojo = (PR) Chillo
    (USA) Dog Snapper = (Cuba) Pargo Jocu = (PR) Pargo Colorao
    (USA) Schoolmaster = (Cuba) Pargo Caji = (PR) pargo amarillo
    (USA) Silk snapper = (Cuba) Pargo del alto = (PR) ?
    (USA) Blackfin snapper = (Cuba) Pargo sesi = (PR) ?
    (USA) Mutton snapper = (Cuba) Pargo Criollo / Pargo Sanjuanero = (PR) Sama / Manchego

    In Cuba when someone says "pargo" they mean mutton snapper. The rest of the snappers require the second word. The exceptions are:

    (USA) Cubera snapper = (Cuba) Cubera = (PR) Cubera
    (USA) Gray / Mangrove snapper = (Cuba) Caballerote / Cubereta = (PR) Pargo Gris
    (USA) Lane snapper = (Cuba) Biajaiba = (PR) Arrallao
    (USA) Mahogany snapper = (Cuba) Ojanco = (PR) arrayao o manchego
    (USA) Yellowtail snapper = (Cuba) Rabirubia = (PR) Culirrubia


    (USA) Black grouper = (Cuba) Aguajis / Bonací Arara = (PR) ?
    (USA) Red grouper = (Cuba) Cherna / Cherna Americana = (PR) ?
    (USA) Gag = (Cuba) ? = (PR) ?
    (USA) Nassau grouper = (Cuba) Cherna criolla = (PR) mero batata
    (USA) Goliath grouper / Jewfish = (Cuba) Guasa / Mero = (PR) mero guasa
    (USA) Red hind = (Cuba) Cabrilla = (PR) Chernita Pinta
    (USA) Rock hind = (Cuba) Cabrilla morra = (PR) Chernita Pinta
    (USA) Coney = (Cuba) Guatiberos = (PR)cabrilla o meritos mantequilla si son rojos
    (USA) Yellowfin grouper = (Cuba) Arigua / Bonací de piedra / Bonací cardenal = (PR) ?
    (USA) Tiger grouper = (Cuba) Bonací = (PR) Mero Tigre o Mero gato


    (USA) Hogfish = (Cuba) Pez de perro / Pico de pato = (PR) Capitan


    (USA) Barracuda = (Cuba) Picuda = (PR) Picuda
    (USA) Southern sennet = (Cuba) Guaguancho = (PR) ?


    (USA) Almaco Jack = (Cuba) Coronado / Medregal / Boquerón = (PR) ?
    (USA) Crevalle Jack = (Cuba) Gallego = (PR) Jurel
    (USA) Horse-eye Jack = (Cuba) Jiguagua = (PR) Jurel Ojon
    (USA) Greater Amberjack = (Cuba) Coronado = (PR) Medregal
    (USA) Lesser Amberjack = (Cuba) Medregal = (PR) Medregal
    (USA) Yello Jack = (Cuba) Civil Amarillo = (PR) Cojinua amarilla
    (USA) Blue Runner = (Cuba) Cojinua = (PR) Cojinua
    (USA) Bar Jack = (Cuba) Civil = (PR) Chivi o Guaimen
    (USA) Rainbow Runner = (Cuba) Caballa = (PR) Macarela
    (USA) African Pompano = (Cuba) Flechu = (PR) Pampano Africano o Corcovado
    (USA) Permit = (Cuba) Palometa = (PR) Pampano
    (USA) Florida Permit = (Cuba) Palometa común = (PR) Palometa

    Sharks / Tiburones

    (USA) Great Hammerhead = (Cuba) Cornuda / cornúa / Pez martillo = (PR) Tiburon Martillo o Cornua
    (USA) Tiger = (Cuba) Tigre / Dientuso / Alecrin = (PR) ?
    (USA) Bull = (Cuba) Toro / Cabeza de batea = (PR) ?
    (USA) Nurse = (Cuba) Gata = (PR) Gata
    (USA) Lemon = (Cuba) Limon = (PR) ?
    (USA) Blue = (Cuba) Azul / Dientuso / Dientuso Azul = (PR) ?
    (USA) Silky = (Cuba) Jaqueton = (PR) ?
    (USA) Thresher = (Cuba) Zorro = (PR) ?
    se que hay uno que le dicen tintorera pero no estoy seguro si es el Bull

    Rays /Rayas

    (USA) Spotted eagle = (Cuba) Obispo = (PR) Chucho
    (USA) Manta = (Cuba) Manta diablo = (PR) ?
    (USA) Yellow stingray = (Cuba) Lebisa = (PR) ?
    (USA) Southern stingray = (Cuba) Raya = (PR) ?
    (USA) Smalltooth sawfish = (Cuba) Pez sierra = (PR) ?

    Tarpon & Bonefish

    (USA) Tarpon = (Cuba) Sabalo = (PR) sabalo
    (USA) Bonefish = (Cuba) Macabi = (PR) cabro, macaco y una vez piojo

    Morays / Morenas

    (USA) Green moray = (Cuba) Morena verde = (PR) Morena / Congre

    [b](USA) Snook = (Cuba) Robalo = (PR) Robalo

    Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

  • Also there is a book called "Guia de Corales y Peces" de la florida, las bahamas y Puerto Rico, by Idaz Greenberg, the book is in spanish and it has few names in spanish and the english one.


    Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

  • Wow,
    tintorera...... Havent heard that in a while. Tintorera is a Tiger too and then Dientuso is Mako if I remember right.

    I just saw you have dientuso azul as Blue. I think dientuso azul is a regular Mako. Dont know the other Mako though.

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  • In Venezuela we also speak spanish...

    Pero ya sabemos que ahi nada mas se conocen los Pargos....:D

    I was looking for a pic of a sennett. I call those picuilla. I just found that it's Picudilla not picuilla for both the northern and southern and that guaguancho is also another species of barracuda. Long story short, they all (3) look identical to me....

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  • here are few more

    king mackerel sierra o sierra carite
    cero mackerel sierrita o sierrita pinta
    wahoo peto y carita tiburona
    dolphin fish dorado
    black jack jurel negro


    Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

  • Dan,
    I was looking for a pic of a sennett. I call those picuilla. I just found that it's Picudilla not picuilla for both the northern and southern and that guaguancho is also another species of barracuda. Long story short, they all (3) look identical to me....

    Thing is whenever you hear "ua" it's most likely a poorly pronounced "uda" as is normal in Cuba. This is why I didn't mention "picua", that's how "picuda" would be pronounced.

  • We call King serrucho or sierra.
    Cero: Pintadilla
    Also, if wanted Vermillion Snapper found that it's Giron.
    Also dont forget the go to grunt. Margate: Jallao

  • porgi is bajonao
    we call tiger grouper bonaci gato.
    the medregal is a cobia to us.
    pork fish ajallao.
    margate is ronco carbonero
    does anyone know what a platanito is ?

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