The Mo Show

  • Mo got the fish of his life. 51 lbs. We found a nice school of dogs and Tino shot one. Then this guy shows up like maybe he was thinking of grabbing the dog.
    Tino starts yelling for me or Mo. I was just climbing onto the boat so Mo....just went over and stoned it. :thumbsup2:
    These boys....unreal. They took the boat out last week while I was in Hawaii. I guess they're going to retire me. But I did get a nice hog and a nice mutton. The mutton wrapped around a coral head and I had to dive down twice to get it untangled.
    Almost didn't go out. It rained like hell and the river was like coffee and cream. But once we got out, the sea was nice and clear.


  • The Mo Show....has been renamed, the Barracuda Kid. He got three nice big ones. No fear. Using a small mackerel as chum, one came right up in his face. i was in the boat and saw it jump out of the water. It came back and he shot it. 14 years old....crazy. He got this nice dog snapper at about 65 feet.
    I just drive the boat now and put the boys on fish. The let me in the water after Mom's got enough to pay for the gas. haha. Sorry for the fuzzy pic. Must have been blood on the lens.
    El Marco and I are going to retire soon and our 14 year old sons will take over....


  • What's with the retirement talk! Get your ass in there dude [emoji12]

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    A bad day at sea is better than a good day in the boatyard
    George Steele

  • Honestly, I'm diving as well as I ever have. I get into that relaxed state, get down and relax on the bottom. But I'm getting as much pleasure seeing the boys doing it, as I do getting a big fish myself. I'm as happy when they get a nice fish, as they are !!
    We're in a developmental phase. And as much as Tino (17) is stoked to be driving the boat, and even haven taken it out twice without me, ......heh....heh....NOW, he can drive and I can dive.
    The fish are nervous. :D

    Oh, and no pics, but Mo got two more nice barracuda on Saturday. One was 17 lbs gutted. He's crazy. Tino got a 14 lb cubera. I stayed home and baby sat.....and we're expecting another grandchild any day.....I was on standby ...

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