My adventures diving oahu

  • howzit everyone. I figured I'd figured I'd share my adventures spearfishing here on Oahu. I’m by no means an expert diver. by most standards I’m a newb but I have fun with my dives and they are usually pretty fun so I figured i's share it with everyone. Hope you all enjoy.:thumbsup2:

  • SO me and my buddy went out diving at kaimana beach. water was super clear and almost no current. we went from shore about 300 yards out. we were looking to get my boy his first uhu(parrotfish) but we ended up drifting from where we wanted to be so we swam in. we saw choke uhus but couldnt get em close nuff to blast em.:( while i was just crusing around i saw one Roi(peacock grouper) and i shot em in the face! Roi are and invasive species here in Hawaii so when ever we see em we try blast em. while i was checking some cave a school of Awa came but, it too me a sec to relise it but i nailed one STONE SHOT :thumbsup2:was stoked as it was my frist Awa. Not to bad of a day after working grave from 8 hours.

    kaimana dive by kamakazi808, on Flickr

    first awa by kamakazi808, on Flickr

  • Snook? i think the proper name is milkfish, Awa is the hawaiian name, Sorry if you reading my post i use hawaiian names just habbit i guess. kinda forgot some of "english" names for fish.

  • So went out this last Monday with my buddy Dan again. After checking on Google earth we decided to try outside the surf spot known locally as suicides. Well we get out there and the water looks super clear. Oh and the two topless chicks sunbathing on the beach was nice too. So we jump in and I try out the pvc pipe piece I rigged up to my float so my new 8’ hapa 3 prong no get all bust up and it works great. So we start heading out past the breaks and wouldn’t you know it true to the diamond head side the wind is wrapping around and messing everything up. Well we figure F-it were already out here and the structure looks good so we start checking holes. There we get to where the old pier was that was sank and both just get a super bad vibe so we end up heading in a little to check on the inside reef. Well tide came up and the current was just pulling the crap outa us so we tried to tie out floats down and check some wholes but current was too much so we said let’s just go in. we did see plenty of fish to blast but being as were both looking for certain fish we decided no fish was mo’ betta than popping a bunch of other (edible) fish just to say we got fish. Hope my next dive story has so pics and better results

  • It's not a snook. Although it looks somewhere in between a snook and a tarpon. Congratz kamakazi, it's a nice fish. Is it considered a good food fish?

    Awa, or milkfish, or Chanos chanos, is the national fish in the Philippines. It's called bangus there and is the most cultured aquaculture species in the country.
    As you fly into Manila you can look down into Laguna de Bay and see thousands of acres of pens for growing bangus.
    Country wide people catch wild fry as well as hatchery reared fry, which my old company in Iloilo also engages in, and rear them in salt or brackish water ponds.

    Its raised to about 12-16 inches long, harvested, deboned of the Y pike kind of.... and served grilled. Very nice fish. It has a large fat deposit that looks black around the abdomen. It's the first part of the fish to get eaten upon serving.

    Strong fish. We had some in tanks and an earthquake hit in ....95 or so. They jumped out of 3 foot deep water over a 6 foot retaining net around the tank. We lost about 20 fish.

    Bangus. Ya man.

  • They are extremely strong. I shot a 40# class fish in La Paz a few years ago, and it actually snapped my reel line. I had no idea of the power of their initial run...

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