Speardiver carbon fins roll call

  • I want to give guys I talked to who are on the fence about buying Speardiver (formerly Pursuit) carbon fins some idea of how many are being used. Those of you using the fins and are happy with them please say aye, thanks for your support.


  • FINALLY, I got a chance to use mine this weekend! Albeit, the fins were used in freshwater and I was not able to dive deeper than 10'.

    I did get a chance to use them extensively on the surface and was even able to find a few narrow cuts that got the current pushing so hard it wanted to take the mask off my face. They worked very well against the current, without having to put an "all out" effort.

    The fins were very light and extremely responsive. Very happy with them. I am anxious to get them in some deeper water for up and down work.

    I have the medium stiffnes 90s in a Pathos foot pocket. The foot pocket is OK. it's the first time I wore freediving fins barefoot, so it was quite a different feeling. I will put some thin socks on next time I go out to make a better comparison to other foot pockets I have used.

  • Aye. HD pockets, Speardiver 90's, forgot stiffness M or MS.

    How about a push off the fence by posting some results? Hitting deeper depths without noticing it and pulling up some nice fish.

    Davie Peguero

  • AYE!! Don't f*ck around and buy them, you'll be glad you did.

    Speardiver round nose 90's - Pathos footpockets.

  • Put a couple hours on mine a few days ago..
    Have dove mostly composite and plastic to this point.
    Was blown away :)

    Can't wait to put these through their paces! and take many more pics :cool2:
    They are like Cinderalla's glass slipper, don't want to be without them. They honestly, instantly changed the machanics of how I dive...

  • got to use mine today for lobster miniseason, and loved em. thanks again dan!!!

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